Next DLC update this week

Were we supposed to get an update on the next DLC pack this week? Or did I read or hear something wrong?

They said September. Stream soonTM.

Sorry, I think I should have been more specific. I wasn’t talking about when it will be released, but just a general update. Like showing video or pictures of the DLC.

First we will likely get the new free patch and they will show it to us when they are ready. DLC normally comes with or shortly after the content patches for obvious reasons.

There will be a stream this week. They may mention the DLC as well but it is probably going to be focused on the upcoming patch.


OH NO, not another update !, the last update nearly broke the whole game, I’m honestly nervous about what they will break this time and how long it will take to fix everything they break.

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What broke the game??

What? Did I miss something? Can you explain that statement please?

Check the stream tomorrow. 17:00 GMT+1 (Oslo time)

I honestly think there are people that just have copy/paste replies anytime the term ‘update’ pops up. “1 instance of ‘update’ found. Immediately post ‘OH NO MORE BROKEN STUFF WAAAAHHAHA BRAWWWWWWRRRRRRR NEVER WORKS!!!1!!1!!!’”

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Good, it is a real rhino pet. I thought you were using a code word for nut :slight_smile:

The Anniversary update was a total mess, for about a month or so after they were putting out hot fixes every week to fix everything that they broke. It pretty much made solo/co-op unplayable.

I didn’t run into problems that made the game unplayable. And YES I definitely played during that time, but on a private server.

So in my experience the statement “the last update nearly broke the whole game” doesn’t apply to me. I can’t even remember a bug that led to an unplayable state.

I don’t want to deny you any of your experience either, but I’d just like to mention here that there are people for whom the update was mostly bug-free.

I’m actually glad to hear that it didn’t effect other servers, not sure why it seemed to focus on solo/co-op, and I will admit that my post was largely unfair, I have had a rough week and I was in a bad mood when I wrote it. I actually love the game and think its the best survival type game on the market. Due to the issues with solo/co-op I started my own server, which I actually enjoy more than solo/co-op, so I guess it was a good thing that I experienced so many issues, lol

Could you say 1-2 examples which made solo/coop unplayable?!


  1. thralls would not convert, the conversion counter never moved no matter what I tried but the food counter would still go down
    2)the resource requirements for crafting items tripled (for example: it cost 200+ iron bars to craft a skinning knife)

As far as I’m concerned this makes the game unplayable, due to those areas being a large part of the game. I asked in the forums for help and received a lot of response but nothing worked.

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Ok… Now I understand you. But never heard of any of these bugs… Very strange. But as long as it works now :slight_smile:

Yea, I’m so addicted to this game so being able to start my own private server was pretty awesome. I was really impressed with the way the community responded to try to help me resolve the problems, so different from other game forums that I’ve been on, there are a lot of good people here.

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I definitely didn’t encounter these bugs. Are there maybe mods involved?
But I understand your complaints.