Upcoming features?

Can you share any (even small) info about upcoming features? Can we expect new dungeon or mini dungeon? Features like thrall emotes or armor stations? Latest addons are really great, so any news about continuation of this trend would be amazing.

Hey @RWilczur

We cannot share any news about upcoming content yet. All we can say is that we’re working on cool new stuff. For the what and when, you’ll all have to keep your eyes peeled to our official communication channels as we can’t wait to show you all what we’ve been working on :slight_smile:


Ah, ok. Just knowing that something cool is brewing behind the curtain is great, so thank You. I know that these questions can be irritating, but this late in development things can get unclear.

As long as you work on the game you have my time and my wallet.

Awww c’mon please give us a hint!?? Also I don’t think I’m aware of ALL of your official places too post news so could I trouble you for a full list?

If you’re on the forums, just keep an eye on the Official News and Announcements section.
Or you can also follow us on Twitter and/or Facebook :slight_smile:

Hey there,

For an outdated, but reasonably complete list of upcoming features, see

Anyone can contribute to the wiki, so if you find something, feel free to add it!

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