Anyone can contribute to the wiki - Help editing, translating or give feedback! - May 2019

Did you know…we have a wiki:

Want to help contribute to the wiki? There’s always something to do. You may also join us in the wiki channel on the Conan Exiles discord to ask about and discuss wiki information, looks and/or issues. The Conan Exiles discord is pinned in the General Discussions subforum. (direct link)

  • No account required. If you do want to register or don’t want to have your IP shown, you may do so with your Twitch account.
  • Need help? Join us on discord and visit the help wiki:
  • Don’t know where to start? Take your favorite thing, do some testing, upload a screenshot or video or look for those lingering spelling and grammar mistakes - If that’s not what you’re looking for, there might be missing info on new content or info on thrall locations may be outdated for example.
  • Don’t want to be an active editor? Don’t worry, we aren’t running a wheel of pain. (We’re just building one, that’s all)
  • Finally: Why contribute? Because you - the community - made and still make the wiki what it is today, a thriving source of info and content discussion. And, because we have our limits as wiki contributors - read more about them here:
    You will also find a list of wanted wiki content here.

One of these, for the thrall commanders and palace building geeks around, is getting more information on thrall behavior, scouting, feeding and building guides, tips and tricks.

If you want to translate, man do I have the right fit for you. We have numerous translations waiting to be picked up and worked on. Take our newly added Italian wiki: Traduzione wiki in italiano ora disponibile! / Italian wiki translation now available! - May 14, 2019

Stay informed and show your foes those barbarian brain muscles! :muscle:


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