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Changes from May 2019 (so far).



  • Added the following content:
    – a Cancelled features section to the Upcoming features page.
    (redirect from Cancelled features)
    – loads more thrall and location pictures.
    – more links and information to Modding/Useful links using tabber.
    – a disambiguation for β€ŽFish.

  • Deleted the following category:
    – Category:Italian translations

Work in progress

Feel free to give feedback, suggestions or discuss/ask questions about wiki content.


Thx a lot for all this work :wink:

Little bonus, the Giant’s fingerbone => random loot of the witchdoctor

Another one : Mandibles of Atlach-nacha => 100% loot from the volcano spider

She share a spawn with random fighters there and it’s something like 1 chance /4 to appear


Thank you for the information!

Feel free to give more feedback, suggestions or discuss/ask questions about wiki content.

Edit (May 29): Added several new pages and a translation.

Edit (May 31): Polskie / Polish wiki now available.

thanks for the info, I linked the club to the witch doctor and worked in a spider (rudimentary) emissary atlach-nacha :X

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