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As per Official Wiki - Changes + What's needed + Q&A Thread! (October 2018) a button in the menu to go to the wiki could be useful. What do you guys think?

See also Official Wiki - Changes, May 2019: Italian translation, Polish translation drafting, Cancelled features and more!


Which menu? :thinking:

I was thinking whichever one fits best for the reader.

I really like the idea, saves having to open a new window to check something while on the forum.

Home Games News Contact Wikipedia?

Perhaps just a small icon/button to the left of the Search (magnifying glass) logo which takes us straight to the wiki’s homepage?

Before I got back to this idea, I was thinking of having a button in one of the ingame menus. Any suggestions?


When I design a game, one of my principles is that if my customer is forced to rely on an outside source for an in-game knowledge, I haven’t done my job correctly which is to keep players in the game having fun.

In essence…

If I release a game that has an unnecessarily complex rulebook, my customers are bound to pause their joy from time to time only to open the book to see what they have missed or done wrong. This effectively forces them to adapt their mindset instead of assimilation (to deviate instead of embracing). There’s nothing inherently wrong about a bestiary or a monster manual for example, but if I force my customers to use one, I prefer to make one into the game itself, working behind a feature of an intriguing behaviour patterns; to keep immersion intact the whole duration of the session. :yum:


I don’t doubt the benefit that such an addition would bestow us, but can we agree that it would be better for us all if the game was so good that we wouldn’t need to utilise wikipedia pages to keep playing and especially progression in mind? Outside sessions, e.g. AFK, we could of course go visit the database to feed our curiosity or to solve any small dilemmas we have (in a state that we don’t want to play, but we have an urge to get a mere answer). What I mean is that the solution shouldn’t come at the cost of gameplay. :slightly_smiling_face:


Otherwise an in-game menu button that takes us to wikipedia would be good. I read the update feed every time it is updated, before I jump in, so a direct way to go to the wikipedia site would be a welcome addition, especially when we take into account the game’s state.

For myself personally, I would just have an option in the main Pause Menu which reads something along the lines of:

Help & Information (Official Wiki)

It would then take players straight to the Homepage.

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