Official Wiki - Changes + What's needed + Q&A Thread!

Please give me/us -the wiki community and indirectly, people in need of answers- your best shot at this, even if you don't use or contribute to the wiki yourself. Any questions/suggestions/feedback is appreciated. :blush:

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:books: Official Gamepedia Help Wiki

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Summary of changes - Week of November 12 and 5

  • Added Named Thralls subsection to The Purge.
    – Re-organized the page some.
  • Added a command to Rcon
  • Changed Style, added quote to Admin Panel
  • Added quote to Lore
  • Deletion requests were filed for outdated duplicate pages. We’ll be looking into them.

More changes that I haven’t yet to list.

Summary of changes - Week of October 29

  • Updated Upcoming features with all the new information from the dev tracker.

  • Created Template:Messedup

  • More file(= image) uploads for thralls and so on.

  • Lots more changes I don’t have time to list :smiley:

Summary of changes - Week of October 22


What's Needed


Please note:

  • Don’t edit the Description of a page unless there is no description.
    The Description should be the ingame description. If it is a page on a topic without ingame description, feel free to expand on the description.

  • A Notes subsection is the safest place for your information!
    Automaticly generated pages are pages maintained by a script that Testerle runs. This will overwrite any information added which is not part of the script.
    Please add your information in a Notes subsection in this case, just create it by adding ==Notes== (before Media and References if they are already added)

Note: For “pages” read “pages related to the … page”

  • Getting things done from the maintenace reports section in Special Pages, some of which are listed below.

  • Adding any content to the Midnight Grove and Jhebbal Sag page.

  • Adding practical information (first, Usage or Notes subsection) to all pages basicly… mainly Tool and Dungeon pages.
    Additionally to any Item pages.

  • Likewise, adding sources of food items to their respective pages from the Creature page and adding what tool to use and on which creature it is best used.

  • Also alike this is adding useful armor information to the armors page from (pinned item on discord)

  • Updating and improving the Building page.
    and adding information on building stability.
    (alternatively creating a guide on the matter)

  • Adding Combat information (Combat section) and other useful information (like; in what part of the biomes they tend to spawn) to Creature and Religion pages.

  • Adding more Guides.
    Guides for Thrall behaviour (including scouting, feeding, fighting…)
    Modding and Server Configuration are also very welcome!
    Even generic roleplay ones, if not too specific.

A list of modding guides that already exist and may be used is provided in Modding/Useful links (linked on Modding page)

Note: The Guide page explains how to make a guide! :smiley:

  • Adding and suggesting any and all information that should be added, or telling me to put a notice on a page that something needs to be added or is different than is described etc.

  • Verifying any and all information and adding or suggesting references for pages.
    (add <ref>link</ref> to a page to reference something)
    Verifying mainly needs to happen for all the Thrall information

  • Asking if information is correct, whether or not you should add information, how to contribute to/edit the wiki etc. :smirk:
    You may do all of this simply by replying to this thread!
    Please let me know, for instance, if I’m missing out on anything myself on Upcoming features!

  • Suggesting a translation(only if you want to contribute on it yourself) or contributing to existing translations
    If you want to help with any of these, or start a new one, just leave a reply here or a message on the discord listed at the top of this thread.
    Existing non-mainspace translations (almost fully or partially translated):
    :fr: fr: French / Français
    :portugal: :brazil: ptbr: Portugese-Brazillian / Português-Brasileiro
    :cn: zh: Chinese / 中文
    Existing mainspace translations (main pages aren’t fully translated yet)
    :it: it: Italian / Italiano
    :es: es: Spanish / Español
    :de: de: German / Deutsch

Please note: Anyone is able to contribute to the wiki! :sunglasses:


First of all you should provide a link to the Wiki itself within your post to get feedback about it. :slight_smile:

Nontheless for everyone interested:

If it is an official wiki it would be rather helpful if Funcom could provide a link somewhere within the menus on prominent place to show their support and care.
The more prominent it is, the more ppl will know about and the chance, that someone really will help to contribute is at least a little bit higher in my opinion.

As I am an owner of a community-based Conan Exiles Wiki (roleplay related, not really on engine stuff focused) I know that it’s difficult to get editors and ppl to work.
I made good experience with some kind of flags showing, that a page needs some additional work and even a little description of what needs to be done. Not everyone is seeing what’s missing or what you got in mind to improve a page.

Furthermore probably a page or overview of stuff, that needs to be done, could help as well, e.g. “improve secton X with information about Y”, or “help to update pages Z with the new changed stats from hotfix/patch ABC”.
The more concrete you name the task that needs to be done (yes, it is work as well), the more you find some ppl willing to to some parts of it. There are and I guess will only a few ppl like you that have all the overview about what is missing, wrong or need some more work or re-work.
Help to spread that information to get your work spread to other ppl as well. :slight_smile:

Personally I am not relating that much to this wiki (as I’m more into the conan lore - based on the pen & paper sourcebooks from Mordiphius) and the is no german translation yet.
Even while many ppl DO speak english, there are still many that do not. That makes it hard to tell others about.

I am sorry that I cannot contribute to that wiki of yours (as I am really stuck on my own :smiley: ) and completely drown in my server-administration and gamemaster work there, but probably my suggestions and experiences may help you.

Pity that there are always more consumers then really “creators”.
Wish you all the best and - thank you very much for your effort spend in that wiki.

May Derketo bless you :wink:


I edited the post, it’s safe to remove your own whenever you’d like!

Gamepedia Staff does tell Developers to post it on their site. This is where it is for now:
Here, on their site… at the bottom, as is usually possible (They don’t force a choice where it should be), but as they only use icons and we didn’t have a better one to provide it looks like this currently:
and here, where people would eventually find it and it means to indicate they support fanworks :+1:

Lastly, here on (what was originally the official) Reddit:

Anyways, the places that I’ll quickly ask Nicole about :nicowl: will be

  • Media section
  • Top menu
  • Funcom Forums General Discussion. Merging it with the discord or FAQ post (the latter it should have already been in), or having a new pinned post, which I am twisting on if it is completely 100% neccesairy.

Some of the important ones already have notices added to them.

Skipping to here, this would answer one of the last questions I asked in this thread. I’ll need to make a forum thread on the things needed instead of a wiki page as it is a maintenance thing. I may also get a moderator to make it a ‘wiki’ thread so it stays open.

Some of the general roleplaying guides may be welcome on the Official Wiki. But, you know what I’d say next.

Thanks for the feedback @Senya!

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Updated the post to reflect above reply. I hope it to be a more permanent post!

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Hello, @TheLOLxd2, thank you for the work, the gamepedia has been very necessary to my learn curve of the game and still.
I feel that I must contribute some way but I’m lack on time, and also, althought to share my experience with the stability subject could be useful, I’m not english native speaker and I would probably loose clearity in the text.
I’ve seen that there is not Spanish translation, and maybe I could start it.

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There’s already few drafts for the :es: Spanish translation.
(Search “/es” and click ‘search within pages’)

We do keep getting people who are very interested in making the spanish translation. However after some time they tend to stop before they’re quite done. There’s a lot to edit after all :sweat_smile:

On stability, just make either of these:

  • Add the info to the Building page anyways, why not, or
  • a seperate forum thread and link it here
  • the text you want on your User page (top right, click your name, then ‘UserProfile’ - then the ‘User page’ button.)

here’s the User page button of course:

Updated :orange_book: Upcoming features!

Added Existing non-mainspace and mainspace translation lists under What’s needed > Suggesting or contributing to a translation

Added several more needed bits of info and a note on where to find ready-made guides that may be extracted from.

Added Special Pages link to What’s Needed. Those Pages are lists of pages that need your help :smiley:

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  • Added Summary - Week of November 5
  • fixed style
  • :white_small_square::white_small_square::white_small_square:
  • (Added some big ‘dots’ to my reply because it symbolizes how much I write down since the first summary :laughing: )

Today makes for another update of the wiki :slight_smile:

  • Added some of the updates from this week
  • Getting 502s when trying to save the thread, yikes!
    I’ll just solve it by not trying to move things around too much.
  • okay, I’m now editing at least 3 pages at once, great…
  • there we go, that’s a whole batch of things done.
    – I’m very happy with the Useful links changes I made.

How to get started with contributing may be found here:

Can’t find how to create a page?
Go here:

Hey there,

The Official Conan Exiles Wiki is looking for some help as always (a full list may be found here:

I would like to highlight getting more useful information about the Building system. Any guides, modding guides(page: Guide), videos(edit the page with the url or just let me know the url), server settings, scripts, snippets and so on is very welcome.

Topics are among other:

  • Decay
  • Integrity
  • Building rule( set)s on servers.
  • visual/physical properties of blocks/their attachments/combinations.
  • Find something not included on the wiki? Add it, or tell us :wink:


Unlisted hotfix; a notice on The Purge page concerning g-portal servers has been removed. Sorry for any inconvenience if you were searching for it.

Also unlisted are some updates to pages already listed.

Need info on the issue tracker for instance?
Read Useful links :smiley:

Remember, any page may be bookmarked!

Please note: The wiki might be looking a bit weird for some people, but this has a reason of course :wink:

A new MediaWiki version (sorta the engine of the site) has just come out and it juggles around some of the style elements that we have going. If Search is not working correctly, please let us know (but keep trying with some hours/days of interval because the wikis are still getting updated).

Are search issues a side effect of the MediaWiki upgrade?
Yes, during and for some time after a MediaWiki upgrade, Search on Gamepedia will not work.

Is there an ETA on when search will be fixed?
No, as the ETA for each wiki is different and unable to be calculated. The script is running through the entire platform and wikis will have search when it hits them. There is no way for us to tell when specific wikis will be processed or how long the entire process will take (Partial ref: MisterWoodhouse)

All <tt> and </tt> tags will be replaced with <code> and </code>, meaning that Guides with file names may look a little less appealing due to text being enclosed in a code box. It is still readable of course.

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