POLL for education: Would you like to see mods and modded items on the wiki? Let us know!


So I’ll say it: Please leave a comment explaining why you made the choices you made!

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On the Official Conan Exiles Wiki over at https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/ we have been working hard to give the most complete and comprehensive overview of modding information and useful links (such as tools and guides). These pages can be found here:

In the same way, we would like to provide this overview for mods themselves. We are currently only documenting the Age of Calamitous mod, which has its pages here:

There is currently no content being added by players or contributors. All content so far was added by the mod authors themselves.

I have in the past tried to ‘measure’ the interest in mod and modded item information on the wiki by asking in discord and coming across only a handful of people who would respond. Now, I would like to be actually able to count the numbers on my hand, or better still, on two hands. In all fairness though, it would be good to get as much feedback and suggestions as possible. Questions are appreciated!

I would like to do a poll on education: I would like to know two things:

  • Would you like to see mods and modded items on the wiki?
  • Are you a modder / mod author and (if / when so) would you like to have your mod information on the wiki?

Both are single choice and last -at the very least- for as long as this thread is open.
Please, choose one option in both polls and be sure to leave a comment explaining both choices, whatever your choice or the reason you made it. This is very valuable feedback!
You should be able to change your ‘vote’ if needed. Edit: I am asking @AndyB why we can’t find an option for this.

The last point which you should (optional, but recommended) add to your reply, is what you think of this poll and if it could be improved.

Also, do consider helping with contributing to the wiki in general. Anyone can do so.

(direct link)

I am looking forward to hearing if you’re able to be or are willing to be educated (more) on modding, mods and all that is related (such as needing or being able to find the information and if you would like to have an overview of all the mods). You’re welcome :smiley:

If you are a mod author / modder or consider becoming one, feel free to join the modding discord, which is listed here:
Modding/Useful links - Official Conan Exiles Wiki

Let’s go to the choices:


So I’ll say it again: Please leave a comment explaining why you made the choices you made!

Would you like to see mods and modded items on the wiki?

  • Yes, mods and modded items on the wiki!
  • Yes, mods on the wiki! (no modded items)
  • No, leave it as is.
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Are you a mod author / modder and (if / when so) would you like to have your mod information and (if / when so) modded items on the wiki?

  • Yes, I am a mod author / modder and would like to have my mod and modded items information on the wiki!
  • Yes, I am a mod author / modder and would like to have my mod information on the wiki!
  • No, I am a mod author / modder and would not like to have my mod information on the wiki, but I consider doing so in the future.
  • No, I am a mod author / modder and would not like to have my mod information on the wiki.
  • I am a mod author / modder, but I have no mods, maps or anything else I have publicly available or am working on / have worked on in the past.
  • I am not a mod author / modder, but I consider becoming one.
  • I am not a mod author / modder.
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I feel a bit guilty about asking this, but how do we get to the mod list for CE in Steam?



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Here you are: Conan Exiles :: Steam Community (Steam Workshop)

Thanks, LOL. That was exactly what I wanted.



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@Jim1, @Daenaira, @mikelei and any future voters, could you provide some explanation to your choices? If it was unclear that you should, could you let me know how I could clarify this?

As a strong proponent of the Wiki and a contributor to the upkeep, I had to look at it from two directions.

First, it would be a great add and give more folks info about the mods and about how to best use them. It would also add exposure to those who have yet to explore the amazing things these modders accomplish. The artwork and graphics are stunning. The utility of some of the mods is what should have been in from the start, given the appropriate resources.

On the other hand, though, I have to look at the volume of mods (1,298) and wonder how to…

  • Include or exclude
  • Information location and cross referencing
  • Types of information that would help the casual user
  • Maintenance

Things that make my head spin.



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The wiki should keep a clear line in the sand between mods and official content. Further, like Jim said, how the heck do you manage the volume of mods.

Na, I think the wiki should stay as it is, and let the mod authors take care of the information, as it should be. It’s not my call to make, but I definitely wouldn’t want to put that insane amount of work on the wiki team to manage so many extra pages.

If the wiki team did decide to do so anyways, you can do whatever you want with my mods (which will continue to grow over time and I have a lot more planned), but I definitely will never ask that somebody be tasked with keeping the wiki updated with my stuff.


@warchild1x and any future voters, could you provide some explanation to your choices? If it was unclear that you should, could you let me know how I could clarify this?

I have included the following in the thread:
Note: Please read the above / below carefully first, you need to take some actions.

We currently seperate mods through the Mod: space. There are other ways to do this (eg. it can become its own page or portal, similair to the Zelda or Mystery Dungeon wikis - might be a bad example -), but there is always the possibility of a seperate ‘mods’ wiki (Examples).

We would start by documenting the populair and/or suggested mods, it is unlikely that we will move on to documenting all the mods. What exactly we should do is up to the community. we would be able to document more, as long as people are willing to help contribute the information.

Contributing to the wiki is completely voluntary.
Could you ‘vote’ on the second poll as well? This is so we know for sure that you are willing to have your mod information put on the wiki -by whomever-.

@Terrornaut has been willing to -help- make a mod wiki. If they want to, they should elaborate on their point of view (:wink:)

There isn’t a “you can do whatever you want” with my mods option :stuck_out_tongue:


We hardly have people to update the vanilla pages. Unless the mod authors wish to keep the pages up to date themselves, i see no point in adding them.



  • “you can do whatever you want with my mods”
  • Working in the DevKit be like: :bongocat:

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As long as the source of every single item is clearl I’m fine with mods / mod items in the wiki.

On the other hand: I’m against every cross linking from base game items to mod items. adding mod recipes to a resource or igredient page is an absolute no go in my opinion. linking the base game item from the mod items is fine but not the other way around.

btw. an addition to the already existing mod ‘Age of Calamitous’: I don’t like how the mod is organized in the wiki because it’s completle unorganized if you compare it with the rest of the wiki. items without recipes and a ton of dead links. every time I check the special pages to identify missing files and pages I’m one click away from deleting all the ‘Age of Calamitous’ stuff because in it’s current state (and we did not have contribute to this part of the wiki since month) it makes it even harder to use the wiki tools to identify stuff which needs works. The Mod: space did not help because I can’t filter the special pages.


That’d make everything seem like official content, so we won’t be doing that.

It’s good to have some information about most popular mods, but I don’t think it would have sense to add modded items into wiki as separate articles. Mods are way too volatile, and their authors often don’t have time to document them.

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I’m not a mod author, but I’m not opposed to authors being allowed to create wiki pages to document or discuss their creations in a centralized location. That said, such content should clearly be categorized as such to avoid confusion.

As for modded items, that could be 100s or even 1000s of entries, so I’d say any mods including such items should list them only in an appropriate subheading/article within their mod’s page (or category for particularly expansive mods). It would be rather tiresome for all of us who play on officials or consoles to see such content showing up in searches for the base game.


We’ll make sure that doesn’t happen. If we use for example the Mod: prefix, you will only see mod content once you type in the colon (:) as it is its own namespace within the wiki.

See also @Testerle’s concerns on the backend for this option in combination with modded items:

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mhm, it was a bit unclear worded that you wanted a comment with an explanation why one did the choices one did…

there is a lot of items usually in most of the mods, not all modders provide a list and the search often leads to xyz many sources till one finds that one answers that explains what and why and where and how. if you are unlucky you have for each of these questions a different source. the wiki would bundle the knowledge in one place. reliable.

Even though I am not a mod author / modder, I believe that the modders do amazing work and thus contribute to a great deal to Conan Exiles. Their creations offer many new layers to the game and enhance the game experience greatly. So yep… I would love to see their works as part of wiki, of course only with their consent. :slight_smile:

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Since I am neither a creator nor user of mods, or even (much of a) contributor to the Wiki - my opinion shouldn’t carry that much weight really. Still, I am a heavy user of the Wiki, so I do feel entitled to speaking up :slight_smile:

But I do think that the Wiki serves a very valuable function by being a manual / repository of knowledge for a game that is otherwise woefully under-explained (I get that this is probably on purpose to further the “survival” feeling etc - in any case, it is what it is).

Mods, much as I like them, muddy the waters unnecessarily when seeking information on the core game - it’s difficult enough to keep up to date with unannounced/unlisted changes from patch to patch as it is (not everything makes it into the patch notes as we all know).

Conversely, when one chooses to mod their game, the onus shifts to the user (or admin) for finding out just what the mod(s) they use changes - and IMO that information would be better kept with the source of the mods, ie the Steam workshop, the Nexus or wherever one gets their mods from.