Age Of Calamitous mod discussion

I have been playing on a server using this mod for a little while now and while I have figured out some things, there is still a lot that the mod has to offer that I havent even scratched the surface of. Something I have noticed is the extreme lack of information for this mod out there, There is a long PDF that lists all the content, but that is pretty much all it is, just a list of content, it doesnt actually explain anything about the content at all, doesnt tell you what you need to craft something or it’s stats or it’s effects heck you cant even find what crafting stations will make what items easily.

Not to mention all the thralls it adds which also have almost 0 information about them. So if anyone has a more extensive source of information for the mod please link it, however in the event an all wise and encompassing source of information isn’t out there yet, I thought I would start a thread here for people to ask questions and hopefully get answers about the mod from players who have figured most of this stuff out already and who can help those that are still in the dark.

I’ll kick it off with the explosives, someone told me the mod has much better explosives you can craft, so is this true? if so where do you craft these? what do they cost and how much better than regular explosives jars are we talking here?

PS: I am assuming discussing mods like this is not against forum rules as I was unable to find anything stating this.

AoC has its own Discord. You will find the Adress at the Steam Workshop side of AoC.
Espen, the Modder, did some outstanding work with this mod, which is indeed a complete overhaul of Conan Exiles, changing nearly every system.
But be aware it changes the game from a heroic fantasy setting to a classic fantasy setting with orcs and elves.


I will check that out, as I have said however I am looking for more detailed information on the modded items and thralls, not just a description of the mod and list of contents. Things like crafting costs of items and crafting stations required etc. hopefully the discord will provide some more information or atleast that the mod creator is open to answering some questions about it.

i will have a look after work today.

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