Conan Exiles Mod Questions

Recently I got a laptop that can run Conan Exiles and I’ve been enjoying it a lot, even if the mods make me really confused a lot of the time. lol.
Where do I find Cobblestone? Is it only in stone? And where do I find the plants like Dragonfern or even the diamonds?

Check to see if the mod you are asking questions for has a dedicated discord. Many of the larger mods do, and would be a better place for your questions.


Join the AoC discord as suggested by Multigun and read the AoC guide. Many of your questions, if not all will be answered :slight_smile:

You can find the AOC discord at the link on their steam mod page, there you find all the answers, they are really friendly and helpful, be sure to download the manual and read it though and there are a lot of videos by Ragnarrock on how to use Aoc.

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