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Hello all,
Is there a place here in the forums that I am missing that lists which mods people are using on their servers? Probably a dumb question, I know, I just want to find people that are using the ones I like.


I do not think there is a specific place for such things no. However you might try players helping players as it might get you some help quicker. Sorry for your problems bro.

Are you one of the Bridgeburners :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: from Steven Eriksons Malazan Book of the fallen?
Just tell us what mods do you like and maybe someone answers.

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Why, yes I am. My favorite series by far!
My main interest is AoC.
Thanks for the help :grinning:

The best way is to go to Steam workshop. Most modders have such themes, “Servers running this mod”.

Hey @Fiddler

You can take a look at the Servers and Recruitment section, most people mention if their server is running a specific mod:
We don’t run any mods on official servers, though.

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Many thanks!

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