Reaction to Dev Stream

I had a few ideas pop up as I was watching the most recent Dev Stream (11/26/18 - YouTube) and thought I’d toss them all in here.

  1. I’d love to see a toggle button to toggle the map grid on/off, just because the map looks so pretty without it, but I also like the idea of having it to locate things easier.

  2. A pop-up wheel menu to select different arrow types would be lovely. I know you can keep arrows in your hotbar and “equip” different arrow types by pressing the number corresponding to the specific arrow type in your hotbar, but with weapons/shields/bandages/tools/food/water my hotbar is normally packed. I’d love to be able to hold… say “R” and have a wheel-select menu pop-up where it will display all arrow types in your inventory that you could select to use with your bow. This would make it more friendly to use different arrow types, because otherwise I wouldn’t want to use them, since I wouldn’t add different arrow types to my hotbar(because there is no space for them) and stopping in the middle of combat to open your inventory to switch arrow types doesn’t really work either.

  3. Much like the “flare” after using the katana, I’d love to have a dedicated button to do certain fun animations. For example, if you have a weapon + shield on and you press “X”, then your character hits the weapon on the shield twice as like a taunt. Or if you are unarmed and press “X” your character will do a heel click jump, so you could run into the sunset doing heel click jumps. Or if you have a one-handed weapon and press “X” your character will spin the weapon/tool around like the animation it makes when you first equip a weapon. Or if you have daggers on, pressing “X” will make your character simultaneously toss the daggers to the opposite hand, so you switch the daggers in your hands by throwing them to the other hand. They don’t have to be these specific animations, but something fun to add to spice up game-play and make it more engaging. Basically a “flare” for each weapon/tool type that can be activated anytime by using a dedicated key. I understand many of these flares would require a lot of work, maybe spinning the weapon like when you first equip it flare can be reused from the current animation, but all other ones would require a decent amount of work. But how cool would it be to taunt a person by tapping your sword on your shield twice, and then when they charge you, you run away doing cartwheels, or heel click jumps as they chase you furiously haha!

  4. Adjust night-time visibility. Its often sooo difficult to see anything at night because of how dark it gets, which forces me to basically make the night time as short as possible, so I never have to play during the night, just because its unbearably dark. Same thing with a lot of content creators, they can’t record during the night because their viewers would see nothing. It would be nice to have better visibility at night time so we can see our surroundings and still be able to play the game at night, but still get the night time experience.

  5. Many of the dungeons and bosses in the game are designed for multiplayer. It would be nice to have a setting to toggle for singleplayer to basically reduce the dificulty of some dungeons and bosses that were designed for multiplayer by adjusting their damage/HP, stregth etc.

Re: night time visibility - I disagree, the night should be dark and difficult to see in … if it’s mitigated so basically the same visibility as daylight then there is no point in having a night at all.
Simply carry a torch or glow stick to use at night along with a one handed weapon to fight with. You can gather at night with a torch in the off hand.
The only thing I’ve found difficult to do at night is drag a thrall … in which case I try to ensure I’m in a safe location and wait out the darkness until I can see the terrain and potential enemies well enough in the dawn.

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