Hotbar Slot X - Dedicated Tool Slot

Here is something that just popped into my head. Add or use one of the existing Hotbar slots as a dedicated crafting tool slot.

So let’s pretend for a minute that Slot 9 on the Hotbar is that Dedicated Tool Slot (there isn’t a slot 9 currently). That means that crafting tools are always there and doesn’t take up other slots. When you want to swap to another tool, you hold down the hotkey for that slot and it brings up an additional hotswap menu where you can select the next Tool that you want to use. The icon changes to the tool you selected, and you go from there. This free’s up the other slots for doing other things, like having more weapons on the hotbar, more buildings, or food and water (which, maybe food and water deserve their own slot too).

If an additional Hotbar slot can’t be added, then let the player dictate which Hotbar Slot to use (1-8 and the console versions equivalent) for the Dedicated Tool Slot. If a player would rather not use it at all, then be granted the ability to disable it entirely and use the current setup.


Excellent idea. Anything that removes hassle without fudging up PVP balance (because apparently number of hotbar slots matter for that ruleset) would be grand.

Nice idea.

I’d prefer a toggle key that brings up an alternate hotbar. So you can have a fighting hotbar and a harvesting hotbar.
Maybe a third crafting hotbar.


Yeah that’d actually be my preference as well, but it’s an old, old suggestion that’s been brought up many times and been shot down (or ignored, rather) every time.

Yes,I would be perfectly happy with your suggestion for this as well. Something like how Guild Wars 2 does a similar hotbar swap. Though Mikey brings up a point out PvP balance. In order for such thing to work, the second slot would have to be reserved for harvesting/building and the other with weapons.

Yaeh I know. I’ve suggested it before myself about 6 months ago… But I keep hoping.

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That would be the best way to do it. I don’t play a lot of PvP but I imagine if you’re going for a fight your hot bar is set up that way, if you’re building or harvesting you’d be set up for that instead.
I run around generally with 2 weapons, 2 recruitment devices, water, yog and a torch leaving me with one slot for a harvesting tool.
The biggest pain for me when I’ve got a full inventory is searching through to find my obsidian tools then switching to Acheronian and back to Obsidian then to Star metal.
Maybe have 4 slots for food, drink , light and healing that stay constant an 4 slots that you can toggle between set specifically for war or gathering.

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