Multiple Hotbars as a real QoL improvement

It’s something that bugs me since I started that game as someone who builds a lot.
It would be great if I had the option to configure multiple hotbars for building, farming, fighting, but mainly for building. It is quite annoying having to press I search for the building piece, empty a slot on the hot bar.
If i had multiple hotbars i could pre configure them making the gameplay much more fluid


Another classic suggestion.

Also, having seven thousand building pieces cluttering your character crafting menu. They should be last in the list :confused:

Yeah be great to have one hotbar for fighting, another for farming, building, etc.

Another similar feature I’d really like would be the ability to add multiple tools to the same hotbar slot and then be able to cycle thru them with repeated button presses.

The way I’d see it working would be:

  • Single button press equips / sheathes tool.
  • Double-tap advances to the next tool
  • Repeated button taps following a double-tap continuing cycling thru the tools.

I would also be happy with the ability while interacting to be able to choose which tool to harvest a tree/stone/etc… that would free up all slots used by the tools.

As someone always having all tools equipped, this would free up 5 slots… like „wth… I got a hotbar“ :sunglasses:

I know it’s not a solution for console or official servers but at least for single player or private modded servers:


@Testerle Were you able to figure out this issue: “after death or teleportation the player object is a new one and the logic is bind to the previous object”? I ask because we make use of Pippi teleports/warps on my server, and I wouldn’t want to get folks’ hopes up if that functionality would prevent the extra hotbars from working properly.

I would also be interested in whether or not this could translate into either multiple, or a larger radial wheel for consoles (ie-is it possible on paper). @Testerle?

Red dead for example has a radial wheel but then you use shoulder buttons on PS4 to go from guns radial to items radial.


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