Quickbar has too few slots

Hello, wanted to make a suggestion about quickslots.

I’ve been trying out Testlive for a few hours, new combat and perks are great.
But wanted to talk about the quickbar.

When I started when this game went early acces, I always felt I was missing some slots in the quickbar.
Perhaps an idea would be nice to have more slots.
To use the ‘9’ and ‘0’ aswell, perhaps the ‘-’ and ‘=’ too.
Perhaps a button which cycles trough 2 quickbars.

Currently the quickbar I have is pretty much like this:
on 1 and 2 the main tools.
3 and 4 = main hand weapon and shield.
5 = bow.
6 = empty. It’s for when I craft stuff, so it goes into atleast one empty slot.
7 = food,
8 = water.

So that would leave one slot open for, craftables, like walls, doors, etc.

I wonder how others look at this, or is there perhaps a secret quickbar I don’t know about?

Otherwise, perhaps this could be looked into.

Keep up the good work.


Agreed. I wish there were at least a couple more slots for the Truncheon and Bindings. I also like to carry a torch, too.

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Jeah! I agree here too.
I would prefere to switch between action bars. So I could have one for combat, one for building and maybe one for resource farming, e.g.:
RCTL + 1 = action bar 1
RCTL + 2 = action bar 2
RCTL + 3 = action bar 3
…or something similar

Just a test for links in a closed thread:
url test url.com test 1
url test link test 2
url test url.it test 3
url test www.url.it test 3
url test http://www.url.it test 3

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I’m gonna offer the counter argument here. Mostly because I hate the n^x action/ability/button bars that plague Mmos, and would hate to see that here.

How often do you hit each button? Seriously think about how much, and when. Tools you’ll pull out when harvesting, usually a certain resource. You’ll want to have a weapon on hand, and I can understand having a back up. We can already reduce. Dedicate one slot to tools, and swap that out when going from one resource to the next. If you’re worried about maximizing gathering yields, no one is trying to skewer at the moment.

You left 6 empty, but still ask for more. Seriously?

Food and water. Food I can understand, especially while venturing out and exploring/leveling. And since hp doesn’t regenerate on its own. But how often to you drink? Like, really. That doesn’t need to be on the bar.

Adding combo-accessed hot bars increases the chance of accidentally swapping in the heat of the moment. What happens to a weapon in hand when you swap bars? Stays selected, or gets put away? What about building pieces?

And lastly, it’s a survival game. The limits are part of what defines it. The world (And the server admin) set the rules and players live or die by them. Interface and it’s limits are part of the game. Not to mention getting the control scheme to work on console without being a nightmare.

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i have the issue with hitting every button very often, when i go farm mats I farm wood and stone at the same time and crafting building pieces as well + i have at least 1 melee weapon here to kill some hyenas or what ever comes by. Then i have some food and flask ofc. I use to put several building pieces to my action bar at the same time so i can craft walls, foundations, ceilings or what ever without opening up crating menu.

2 switchable bars would be great. 1 for weapons, tools, food and 1 for building and crafting

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Perhaps you even expand upon the idea and allow up to three bars for rotation. Give players the option to set up preferences, such as gathering, combat, or building/decoration bars.

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Completely disagree. In order to be a good player you need to make good decisions. Having 8 slots is enough for this, we don’t need the UI cluttering a beautiful game.

Two more (10) I think it would be enough.

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I can concede 2 more :wink:

I agree that the game is beautiful, but having switchable hot bars would not change or clutter the appearance at all. Only one hot bar is visible at a time, just as it is now.

Having two additional slots on the hot bar (9, 0) would affect the appearance minimally, especially if the size of the hot bar is scaled down slightly to accommodate the additional slots as is traditionally done. It would by no means, clutter the game or lessen its beauty.

Having three hot bars to shift between for combat, gathering/utility and building for added player QoL (general ease of use, convenience) has absolutely nothing to do with how good a player is in my opinion. In regards to combat, namely PVP, which weapons and items one has in their combat bar makes some difference, but it is not rocket science, nor a deeply guarded secret passed down to a limited chosen few to lord over all of us imbeciles.

As to controller schemes, I’ve played controller games that used the left shoulder button or trigger (L1/L2) to shift between radial menus and it seemed pretty smooth, perhaps even smoother than holding [Shift] and pressing [1], [2] or [3] on a keyboard. I’ve seen L1/L2 + Dpad to select a set as well. It is not a new or untried concept.

In fact, I firmly believe that were the game to have begun with such a system in place, there would be little to no complaints. However, while I love and fully support the idea and believe that it would be beneficial to and enthusiastically accepted by a majority (myself included), I can still play and enjoy the game (even though I’m an imbecile that cannot figure out what to put on my bar for given situations).

I’ve let my head spin around for a few possible idea’s.

The following is what I came up with.

Leave the current hotbar, perhaps add the 9 or 0. And make the total hotbar a bit smaller, so it looks the same.
Perhaps a UI customisation in options, It’s allready quite big for me. So I wouldn’t mind making it smaller to see more of the rest…
But that’s not what i wanna talk about.

My idea was to keep the current hotbar and add a Radial menu.
Like when you hold T (as an example) and than put certain items in there, consumables, weapons, tools, etc.
Perhaps building parts.
That way the UI stays the same, but the people who want to have more options for slots, can simply hold a button, T as an example, leave the open, hover the needed item and let go of T, to select it and use it.
That makes gameplay very fast aswell.
And if needed, a second radial menu could be added aswell. But one would be enough for me atleast.

So, I’m curious what the rest of you think of it?

Share some idea’s and perhaps we can see something similar in the game.

Meh, no one replies for a possible hotbar improvement. Too bad.

Well, we’re in content-lock right now. That means “no” improvements. Not one. Not even so much as a typo. So once May 8th launch has happened, then we can revisit these suggestions like hotbar improvements. Just be patient, but definitely keep thinking of ways to improve the game. :thinking:

Oh right, forgot about the content lock

I think we would be fine with only the half of the quickbar.
I completely agree with Tinkley on that limitations making survival actually survival.

Lets say we are limited to 4 slots.
Then you would stick to your weapon (some might like a polearm, others sword+shield) and if harvesting up to two tools.
If you want to fight, you might want to use up to 3 slots for weapons and one for healing. (Or two for weapons and one for insects/else cheap eating healing, one for potion.)

Want to eat something? Go into inventory. Same goes for drinking. Other people ask for animations for them, I only want to have people go into inventory, which would cause those people to loose time by doing so already.
This would force people to think about what they actually need on their quickbar.
No one needs the possiblity to have 7 weapons easily accessable and one for healing.
That way players with actually different playstyles could really counter each other.

Though I am completely forgetting about controllers here, so maybe that hotbar-switch-idea would be fine. But stuff being tied to some else hotbar should be put away when switching the bar.

Of course someone would be more vulnerable with only 4 slots. And I think this is just perfect, as those games are about survival.
Quality of Life-changes are due to players wanting things to be more comfortable, getting lazy there. (Just like admin powers in singleplayer.) :stuck_out_tongue:
I can understand those in actual MMOs where there is no survival element.

Thus maybe a serveroption would be neat.
If combined with i.e. easy, medium and hard pvp-servers with easy being limited raiding+double harvest, medium being limited raiding and hard being the current mayhem…
It would cause easy servers to not only let people harvest twice as fast/much with limited raiding time, they would eighter have up to 10 or even 12 slots in hotbar. While medium servers would allow the current 8 slots with limited raiding time and normal harvest. Last one would be hard servers with 4 slots, unlimited raiding and normal harvest…

Do the same with pve but exchange the pvp part with purge part.
As pve is about fighting against the environment, I think the purge should be really hard on hard pve servers. Like having up to 50? people being purged every day. As I didnt get purged until now, I have no clue about the strenght of it.
Like easy pve: double harvesting, easier and less often purge, 10/12 quickbar slots
medium: normal harvest, normal purge, 8 slots
hard: normal harvest, very hard and often purge, 4 slots.

I think this would make pve challenging as well.

As OP said we are missing a lot of stuff that can be done with the Quickbar and I agree with him we need more than just 8 slots.

I would also like to add to this that I would want to see items like Armour be swapped into and out of the hotbar instead of just being equipped and the old item being sent to inventory. This would enable me for example to have sandstorm mask in a slot and be able to use it and have the helmet I was wearing sent to the hotbar slot instead of inventory allowing me to change quickly and not delve into inventory.

With the use of a secondary hotbar you could have a lighter set of armour waiting to be put on and taken off. For that matter why not allow Macro’s to be set up to equip full set of armour on key press?