Suggestion: several shortcut bars

At the moment, there are 8 shortcuts in the shortcut bar (1 to 8 on keyboard).
It is frustrating, we’d like to be able to put more items on shortcut bars
(tools, food, weapons, potions, buildings…).
It could be great to have several shortcut bars and to be able to toggle between them.

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Maybe the game in balanced around 8 active slots for combat
Adding more might hurt balance in PvP encounters (PvE-C)

However I think having a second page in the hotbar would be nice if only for building pieces :+1:t2:

I think Alex commented on this in a dev stream once (sorry don’t have the link). He said something along the lines of that it makes players choose what they take out into the world and their readiness for what they encounter. There’s also an interface issue in that if you had say 10 (for 1-0 on the keyboard) the hotwheel starts to get too cluttered.


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