More hotbar slots, please!

We need more hotbar slots and possibly multiple hotbars for different loadouts. I’m not sure why 8 is the limit when keyboards have at least 10-13 buttons you could use, like most other games. Here are the buttons:

` 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 - =

They should at the very least use all the number keys. I think the hotbar should also have some size options, I find it too big for my personal taste.

I think the UI could generally use improvement and more customisation.


Its precisely to limit your available loadout that its only 8.

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Why would I want to limit the available loadout to just 8? It could at least be 9-10. I don’t think the game should restrict all users and game modes for some people’s arbitrary PVP concerns (if that’s what the concern is). This is especially annoying for building. Perhaps there could be a separate building mode/hotbar.

For PVP concerns. You have to select what you will have immediately handy.

You can even take it a step further and apply the same logic to bosses in pve. Thats the difficulty they desire at a minimum.

Also the wheel tends to get congested above 8… its not all about pc

There are tons of server settings to change difficulty for those who want to. No reason some basic UI options shouldn’t exist, even if restricted to single player/co-op/private servers. Perhaps limit the slots past 8 to non-weapons only if you’re that concerned about it. You’re just making arguments to limit functions/design arbitrarily.

If mods are an option, Testerle has a mod that offers extra bars to switch between:


There are reasons; its called priority. As Narelle points out, there are mod options to use which solves your problem on PC. Time spent on a hotbar that Funcom already chose in such a way to limit your ability to switch takes away from time doing other things.

Only 8 for Consoles, (we don’t have Hot bar) We Hold l1 and select via Dpad, (North, NW, NE etc)

I’ve been saying for awhile they could knock Journal Open off D-pad. And give Hot Key to hold to open some more options.

That makes no sense though. One of the “perks” is encumbrance. One way I would gain an advantage for maxing encumbrance… would be to have access to more weapons or armor. Limiting the hotbar is ridiculous. Especially for PC. The reason they did it was because the game is also designed for console players. PC and Console players should not be using the same GUI though. Limiting players with a basic, non customizable GUI is a cheap and lazy part of Conan Exiles. They have done a lot right, GUI is one of the things they have done very wrong. Please don’t argue for it to continue being half-@$$ed. It needs attention.

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Yea, like making money by having a more enjoyable product.

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Nobody buys a game for a hotbar.

Did you miss Alex’s comments on the topic in the past? They choose the number with intent.

They also chose to nerf dodging. Sometimes people make bad choices. Communities can have differing opinions for, or against said choices. I think their hotbar feels needlessly limiting. Other games have much more advanced, customizable interfaces… and it’s nothing but good for those games. Conan Exiles GUI comes across as lazy, unfinished, and frustrating.

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We can all have opinions. The point is, Funcom has reasons, and for that reason its 8.

On Consoles, I like that Health and Stam is in top left, rest is blank.

I was never fan of seeing 8 boxes in bottom (minecraft and LotrO, which has 5 rows of 10? 12? I forget… And 2 more I have on side. XD

I’ve always kinda wanted game to take 3 weapon take. With item bar. (aka monster hunter) So you have main and back weapon, and 3rd. (I guess like Destiny/RDO, but not as limited)

I’m so use to holding trigger to see Circle bar, Wish more games did that.

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