Multiple Hotbars When?

Anarchy Online had an infinite number of hotbars, each was movable and had 10 pages in it.

Age of Conan had several and was both keybindable and moddable.

Why is it that there is only 1 hotbar, with 8 buttons and no mod support for more?

This game NEEDS to have between 4-8 active (keybindable even):

The main reason I ask about the hotbars is because 1 is woefully deficient in this game. I need 1 hotbar just for different weapon sets, 1 for food and drinks, 4 for building pieces (without sacrificing what is on my main bar for combat), 2 for admin tools like Pippi server mod tools and other stuff.

Please Funcom add support for more hotbars or customization for the UI.

My favorite hotbar theme/style is like four buttons around a minimap like: =o=

= is 4 hotbars stacked vertically
o is a round minimap


As always, I’m firmly in favor of more hotbars. Even if all they can hold is building pieces and other “non-combat items”. You can probably expect the PVP crowd to go “boo! hiss!” and say something about balance (they might be right).


Definitely, I’m tired of having to put everything in the hotbar in order to use it. There is a lot of moving items from inventory to the hotbar, then to inventory again to make room. Building a camp is a nuisance with only one hotbar. or only 8 slots in it. Give us a server checkbox that restricts combat items to one hotbar only if need be, but I think on private servers it should be open ended. You never want a game to contain nuisance or busy work.


I would be all for a building hotbar as well. Very few have building parts slotted and combat builds slotted.
Maybe it would work some thing like this.
Current hot-bar, put what ever you want where ever you want as is now.

Building hot-bar, can only put building pieces, decorations and repair hammer in the 8 slots.

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There is mod support for more. If you are a genius, and your name is @Testerle


Yes, I have been using this mod for awhile, but he accomplishes it using some code hacks, leaving it a bit unstable. For example, when you toggle the bar it moves the items from your inventory to the bar and back to your inventory. Which means if you swap bars with an item in your hands or in use it will be moved to the new bar. Which gets really wonky after a bit because you will end up with the item kind of in a state of flux. If you go back to the original bar you will see a blank space where the item was. If you equip another item in your hand it will put the item back where it belongs, but you will now have the item in two slots one on each bar. Which is annoying as all hell.

Furthermore, it does not save your second button bars items when you logout. So you have to re-equip the second bar each time you log in. And there are only 2 bars. I have asked several modders about the capabilities of creating custom hotbars and customizing the UI regarding them and they all say the same thing. Modding of the hotbar is not supported by Funcom, doing so requires some serious hacking around with the code to get it even “semi-stable”.

If anyone has issues with this for balance reasons then I can understand that. I would recommend then making a toggle button that changes from a combat bar into a multibar layout with some type of tag that only allows placeable objects and usable objects on it. (Eg not equip-able objects)

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I would have a toggle key for 3 hotbars.
1 for general purpose that you can put anything into.
Another for building only with the ability to put food and drink in too.
Another for mining, again you could put food and drink in it plus up to 2 weapons or shields.

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hacking? yes that’s what i looks like for some people :wink: .

my mod doesn’t modify a single funcom asset. everything is implemented via events and the given mechanisms (modcontroller, actor components and own widgets). but it’s exactly this maximum compatibility that brings restrictions with it. i can create a mod that just runs, no matter if an update of the game hits the servers, or a mod that costs me and the users 3 days to update because nothing works anymore…

best place for feature reqeusts and/or bug reports: steam workshop page or my discord:


On consoles it would help a lot to be able to have multiple hotrings. Because, let’s be honest, it’s a pain in the but to add things there… with some lag when opening up the inventory. And then you see that you have the one item you want to replace active so you need to start over again. Just hitting L1 or R2 to toggle between rings would help a lot. It’s also kinda annoying to scroll in inventory and find what you want if you have a lot of stuff.

here you go… more hacking :wink:

Building Shortcut Bar v1.3.0:
fix: switching the shortcur bar will unequip the current weapon so that the position on the bar is the same when you switch back
new: now with 5 shortcut bars (currently not configurable…maybe in the future)
new: 2 keybindings for next and previous shortcut bar


These changes are great. Thanks so much!

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It´s a must. supported.


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