More hot bar slots

Would be cool to have a couple more hot bar slots for the keys: 9 0 - =


Any explanation why 8 arent enough?
Because I think even 4 would be enough. We would be fine with one slot for healing, one or two for weapons and the remaining 1/2 for tool(s).

Ok, how is this for a reason =)
Slot 1: Daggers.
Slot 2: Sword.
Slot 3: Shield.
Slot 4: Bow
Slot 5: Pick.
Slot 6: Hatchet.
Slot 8: Steel Sickel.
Slot 9: Butcher Knife.
Slot 0: Bandage.
Slot -: Food.
Slot =: Water.

Just cause there could be more slots, doesn’t mean you your self-have to use them but other players like myself may like them.


Yes. There are some great discussions about this and additional hot bars. Keep following and remain vocal. I expect after launch that this particular subject (and others) will pick up steam as more players purchase and play the game and it will become difficult for the developers to ignore. Plus they may have more time to look suggestions and issues further down their list.

And as with other games that provide such, the ability to hide unused slots and bars is included in settings. And for the controller argument, it can be creatively addressed as well (as has been discussed).

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That is an example, but not a reason.
Mainly I am asking because to me, even more slots would cause the UI to be disgusting to look at.

So it’s quality of life only?
Because there is no need to carry food or water on hotbar.
Bandage is outfight only. (could be exchanged with potion instead, which would make sense)
There is no need to carry lots of tools on hotbar, in inventory should be sufficient.
Ultimately, why bring more than 2 weapons? (I can understand bows for the means of pulling.)
I would have understood that it may be a little hard on people who use controllers, but I am not sure, as I only play on pc.

I would be in favor of 4 slots because it would encourage the player to decide on one way he prefers to fight. Also it would make going out for farming a little more dangerous. Maybe I am weird there.

At least that suggestion should be an (server?)option, not forced on everyone.

No its alredy to many, def no need for more.

They could shrink the hot bar at the same time or have an option to minimize it both adding more slots for those who would find those slots useful and clean up the UI for players who want a cleaner UI for more immersion.
Or add in an option in the games menu in settings to add the extra slots countless ways they can cater to both those who would find in beneficial and those who don’t.


Oh, btw if you don’t like seeing the hot bars and want a cleaner looking screen. You can always do what I do, which is play the game with a controller in your left hand/mouse using your right and use voice attack to select hot bars =)

This method works for both right handed and left handed players.
Can also just play using a controller also.

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I think a compromise solution could be to be able to slot more than one item in a single slot and be able to cycle them on key press.

Like, I’d do something like this myself, for example:
slot 1 for weapon, and you slot a sword and some other weapon
slot 2 for hatchet/pick
slot 3 for cleaver/knife/etc
slot 4 for shields
slot 5 bow
slot 6 potions
slot 7 food
slot 8 water

Since we have an unequip weapon keybind already (dont know if for console binding is the same, though) the function that unequips the weapon on repeated keypress is not really needed IMO.

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Less is good, then you have to balase what you realy need and dont need, cant have Everything! As far away from wow wher you have the screan full of buttons to navigate whit.

Original UI we have now:

With 4 extra Hot Bar Slots:

No extra screen area used up, in fact, there is less of the UI cluttering up the screen.
Just have an option in settings that enables or disables the extra 4 slots, if you don’t want the extra slots you don’t have to have them on your screen.
That’s all I’m asking for.


No its aleady to many slots.

Maybe for you but the game isn’t just about you, other people like my self would find it useful and as i said an option that adds more in the settings wouldn’t hurt anyone that wouldn’t use them and benefit those that would want them.

I don’t understand your resistance to block and say no to allowing players who would use more slots.
Can you explain why you are so against having an option that would add more slots if you go into the settings and check a box that says add extra slots?


Ex in combat its good to have a limit nr of slots so you have to pick what you realy need and not just have slots all over. Its a balanse to equip what you need for what you are going to do, Go to war or just farm iron.

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Just about every other game out there has multiple quickslots grouped into 9-10 and are switched with the F keys. They don’t have to be big icons but when I have to specifically take something out of a quick slot to put something else in just so I can use it on a constant basis is dumb.


Convenience dude, not all of us like to open up our inventory every time we want to use a specific tool that isn’t in our hotbar… (And since we can’t equip tools/weapons without putting them in the hotbar fist it just makes sense that we’d want all of them in the hotbar for the sake of convenience.)


Well given the nature of this game, if I’m out farming I’d still want sword and shield and healing potions on me at all times… If I was to be geared up for war I’d probably be packing explosives and orbs and maybe a bow instead of tools and perhaps even more healing potions/items…

As it stands if I’m out farming I’d want to just be able to equip all of my tools some weapons for defending myself from hostile encounters and some healing item to patch myself up after said encounter.

Would be nice if 1H weapon and shield could share a hotkey.


There is no credible game balance reason to not have either bigger hotbars or multiple hotbars with the ability to cycle. Any game that does not have this feature has excluded it for balance reasons (path of exile / guild wars 1). Once spear is no longer meta, people will be running around with 3 or 4 different weapon setups and I would currently if there were more hotbar slots

BUMP for this. It feels restricting to only have 8 buttons in a hotbar. Specifically, I want to carry all my tools and not fumble around out in the woods swapping them out.

Currently i use…

  1. Weapon
  2. Shield
  3. Pick
  4. Hatchet
  5. Sickle
  6. Cleaver
  7. Drink
  8. Food

I would like to also have a skinny knife out and available, or a healing potion/bandage, or pickaxe.

I would absolutely welcome more intricate controls, as my PC and fingers can handle it. Console player’s may be fine with ./less. But with a desktop PC, I don’t wanna feel like I am playing a game built specifically for console. Give your PC players some love.