More hot bar slots


I would use more quickslots too.
Preferably another row, that can be switched with one keypress from one to the other.

At the moment:

  1. Weapon
  2. Hatchet
  3. Pickaxe
  4. Skinning Knife
  5. Sickle
  6. Torch
  7. Drink
  8. Food

And I still have to switch a lot for:
X. Building Items
X. Cleaver
X. Blunt WEapon
X. Shield
X. Ropes
X. Potions

I wouldn’t even mind an equip time for tools, but I really would like to have an easy accessible larger amount of quickslot items. Preferably two bars that can easily be switched.


I can work with 8, its OK, I just found it odd, there are 10 number keys, why did they stop at 8.
Would the extra two keys/slots really take up that much space?
It’s also kind of odd, when soooo many other games use 1 to 0, like that’s kind of the normal thing to do.


Oh yes, +1 for more slots/bars, or the option of more at least. I don’t much care if they limited any extra slots/bars to non-combat related items (ie, tools, building pieces etc) to placate the PVP crowd.

Of course the three-slot weapon racks do help with this: I have placed some near the door, and it’s fairly easy to change my loadout when leaving depending on whether I’m going mining, logging timber or recruiting “employees”. This helps with immersion, but it’s mostly a “making the most of a bad system” kinda thing: If I was actually limited in the number of tools/weapons I could lug around at any given time, then sure, but since I can easily carry ten swords and twenty different tools in my inventory, it really is just a matter of convenience.

That said, if only you could replace things currently in-hand without the “close inventory-remove item from hand - reopen inventory” loop, I feel like that might be enough (I’d still prefer more hotbars/slots though).


I think the limitation of eight hotkeys is due to consoles and controllers.

Not sure how to overcome this.


Yes! I miss this on Xbox to


I’d really, really like a rotating action bar like most games have now aday. So, I could have my harvesting stuff on one bar, flip to 2 have my omg a spider snuck on me while i was harvesting bar, my spelunking bar, etc. and so on.


Yes but you can and thats a good thing whit the game even if its to many hot bars…