More Hot Key Bars or Quick Bars

I am reviving older closed suggestions. It should not be hard to have multiple hot key bars. It takes no additional screen realestate. Just cycle through with a function key or CTRL key. I would love a total of 5 bars. More makes it more of a pain to cycle through quickly, unless you assign hot keys to specific bars.

For me, I’d have my first bar as my standard hide/meat hunting gear:

  1. axe
  2. shield
  3. bow
  4. arrows (so I can watch my arrow count)
  5. heals
  6. skinning knife
  7. cleaver
  8. Pickaxe

Then my thrall hunting bar:

  1. Axe
  2. shield
  3. weak bow blunted
  4. arrows (for the count)
  5. heals
  6. chains
  7. bludgeon
  8. religeous tool

Then a boss hunting bar, which has a mashup of weapon types

4th would be a gathering bar, with all my picks and hatchets (probably a torch too).

Finally the construction/utility bar, that I use for placing thralls, pets, and all the various construction pieces.

I can’t be the only one that is amazed how often we have to go into inventory to swap around items on our hot bar. This is a QoL upgrade that should not have any negative impact to all the players that think 8 slots is plenty or already too much, unless they simply are uncomfortable with other people feeling happy about a life improvement that does not improve their own lives.

Let’s keep fighting for this!!

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