Dedicated Weapon Slots

It would be awesome if we had two sets of dedicated weapon slots. The slots could fit nicely in the current interface horizontally under where the armor slots are located with primary weapons being left of the character’s feet and secondary to the right.

We already have key mapping for sheath/unsheath. A quick tap could draw primary weapon set and then subsequent quick taps could swap between primary and secondary sets. Holding down the key would sheath weapons as intended.

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Eh, can’t say I’m really loving the idea. The way it is right now has a ton of flexibility. I could easily carry and use two, three, heck five different weapons if I wanted to. It’s kind of part of the appeal of the genre. Limiting weapons to two dedicated slots feels more like a step down into some other genre.


Heck, I’d be happy with just two more hotbar slots.

We aren’t even using the 9 and 0 keys for anything else!

I certainly wouldn’t complain if I had to map my 9 & 0 keys :+1:

I carry a 1h weapon, a shield, daggers a bow and a 2h weapon most of the time. Not to mention a truncheon and binding and tools. Having dedicated weapon “slots” like some runescape or something would make it so tedious to swap items.

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Don’t support dedicated weapon slots but expanding the tool bar to include 0 and 9 would be welcome. As mentioned above, the current system allows for great flexibility.

Potions, water, food, and a torch uses up half the hot bar.


I play on consoles so I don’t use the hotbar but the hotwheel. On the 8 slots I usually put : a waterskin, healing potions, healing wraps, a tool (most often a skinning knife), daggers, a shield, a 1h weapon (most often an axe), food or a bow. When I need a torch I put it in the shield’s slot because I can’t use both at the same time. I keep the other tools and a truncheon with bindings in my inventory and switch when needed.
I never felt the need for some dedicated weapon slots , but I won’t mind 2 more slots on the wheel.

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Personally I always saw the number of slots we have already as a kind of resource to be managed as you can only have that many items quick at hand for quick use. Switching items requires you to look through your inventory as I look as a bag that you have to look into requiring you to look away from in front of you. It is inconvenient at times , but the mechanic does make a certain amount sense in the terms of survival resource management.

I would like to have maybe more armor slots for more types of equipment.

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