Second weaponwheel or hotbar

Hey, i think the weaponwheel in the game need a little rework. for me it was nice as it is for a long time, but right now after playing so many hours i kind of need more. i have so many tools, second gear, weapons, consumables in my inventory, its getting really annoying. other games have shown that it is easy possible to have a better way.

-sea of thieves has a second page like that
-GTA on consoles has another way to do it where you can have one spot in the weaponwheel with more than one tool and just select the one you need in that situation.

(consoles): when you press RB on xbox it shows your weapon wheel. in addition it should have a second page by pressing X for example (or any other key) where you can store items you are using not that often. maybe some tools, drinking, bedroll, or whatever you need.
for playstation it would just be a different key, and for pc you could hold shift (everyone could choose that in options) to get another page in your hotbar.
one point which would be nice for this too is that your items will be put back in the same place as before, when you take back items for your body after you died. ark has this in the game and it really saves i alot of time and annoying reorganizing your stuff

a second idea for your inventory would be a bunch of keys (is that the right word?) where you have another little bag where all your keys get stored automatically, and you dont have to worry about them. for example the keys from warmaker dungeon would be stored there so i dont have to keep 3 of them in my inventory when im going in the dungeon

another idea i read about in the forum was a quiver for your arrows, a real nice idea too. maybe in the weaponwheel too, but with another key for an extra page

for me that would improve the game by a lot. it would be so easy to manage everythig in the inventory.

pls like and answer if you would like that too so funom sees it :)))) <3

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