Second weapon wheel and fast function to remove sandmask and place it back on the wheel

How great would it be to have a second weapon wheel accessible while using the wheel and clicking another button like idk RB> I think funcom could pull it off!

Imagine the possibilities of not having to press start and go into your inventory and waste time and face getting killed.
If the player had more space to store what they use the most we would die less and get more out of the expericance.
If we were able to equipped more items to an extra interactive wheel it would really be amazing in the world of conan.

Me peraonally Im a pack mule who loves to explore and fight. I always only play PVE and never change my attribute points once I reach level 60.
I carry literally anything I might need.
I use to carry 5 waterskins now Im down to either 4 deep drink skins or 3 khari skins.
Besides that I have 1 bow, 1 sword, 1 set of daggers, 2 shields, 5 elixir of freedom, 8 ambrosia, sandmask, healing arrows, ivory arrows, explosive arrows, wood/fiber, Torch, 2 Truncheons, 1 Bindings of the dead, 3 pickaxes, 1 pick, 1 cleaver, 1 sickle, 1 repair hammer, 1 skinning knife, 1 bearer pack, and always two shrine tools. Usually a mitra ankh and derketo kiss knife>>> plus aloe soup or fish sticks for food.
Yeah, I know, thats a LOT of stuff :joy:
I tend to always be changing my stuff on my wheel but water, food, torch, bow, 1 handed weapon rarely change so that only leaves me with three spots always changing between tools shield and healing stuff.

Now regardless if any other players are like my specific build or plays only PVP instead of PVE> its still relatable to us all because the wheel would help us all out tremendously.
I’m always the one in my clan with an extra water bag or extra ambrosia etc but I find a lot of people in PVE keep water and food on their wheel where PVP they dont. Many players who play pvp pve say so anyway. And sure they may have healing potions or ambrosia on it but not usually water and food or even many tools.

How great would it be to have a wheel for water food, tools and healing potions and another wheel for weapons and even a quick sandmask switch.

Now depeneding on how funcom approached it they may even beable to make a function where you can remove your mask and put it back on your wheel as easy as you apply it.
Many players whether on ps4 or xbox would love that! I know just from youtube PC has many more advantages but any nerd like myself knows this is a given! Sims is a good example of that. And even though I love both platforms, I do prefer it on xbox for simplicity and dont mind what Im missing.

But conan unlike sims has a bigger more prevalent gap and it has nothing to do with the building system and items like sims does.
Its more of functions like mini maps, game chat and hot button options and the amount of those options.

In any case I love the game and think funcom could do it and probably would but haven’t heard anyone suggest it. Or maybe someone did but it didnt get any attention because we the community didnt notice it.
In any case I just wanted to throw it out there.
Ya never know unless ya do.
Whether they used this for conan exiles or maybe a future version of it on a new console in the future. It would be great to see it in any capacity!:+1:t3: :sunglasses::+1:t3:

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