Quality of Life: Multiple Action Bars

It’s kinda tiresome and mood breaking, if we can say that; having to always change your action bar based on the task you have decided to make, I believe it changes very little the way we play the game, but will make some things much easier for us.

And I believe that we actually should have 3 Action Bars, or Quick Bar, however we call it.

  • Survival: In the survival bar we should be able to put food and drink items, gathering tools and other misc items. This should be the default bar whenever we have our weapons sheathed.

  • Building: I prefer to have a dedicated build system, instead of this action bar based alternative, where you can access a quick menu with all the building pieces ( like Rust ), or maybe even, place some default pieces that you can edit ( like Fortnite ). But, lacking that, we should get an action bar dedicated to building pieces like foundations, walls and furniture.

  • Combat, this bar should take over whenever you push your weapons out ( With the default key X ) and there we should have weapons, throwables, healing items and in the future: spells.

This would improve our lives greatly, because nowadays I use all my combat itens in a bar, and then I have to skin an animal, or hit the opponent with the god offering tool, maybe I found some brimstone somewhere remote, or I want to capture a thrall, I always have to keep swaping items that compete for those mere 8 slots. With this alternative you can have much more slots without the need of adding more hotkey shortcuts to clog up the commands, and it also would work well on console.


I’d be happy with at least one more, for my tools. Even something very simple like pressing Shift + Up or Down to change bars would be nice.

Agreed! At the very least, allow saving Quick bar setups/presets and give a way to recall them at will while outside of combat.

EDIT: typo

That too would suffice.