Building from Inventory

I would really like the option to build directly from the inventory, meaning: Right click on buulding piece closes the inventory and brings up the piece to build it.
I get really tired of constantly changing my quickbar around.
Its too limited for that.


Or implement a second quickbar in which you can only put buildings… Then you can switch between quickbars by pressing {Binded_Key}

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Oh sweet jebus yes!
Hate having to drag stuff out to the hot bar when building, also how you can’t replace something on the hot bar if you have it equipped, like a weapon… So have to close the inventory, holster or change to another weapon and then place the new item… Also why not increase the hot bar to include 9 and 0, and more?

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The hotbar implementation is, frankly, atrocious. I mean yeah for Early Access, day 1 - fine. For a supposedly complete game, several patches into full release - ridiculous. I can only assume it’s some sort of sadistic “screw with 'em 'cause we can” impulse. Then again, it’s not like this game is actually in a state where talking about QoL features or polishing makes a lot of sense. Unfortunately.

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