Suggestion: Ability to hotkey a few a emotes at a time

As you may have guessed, I am a roleplayer. I love all of the emote options that we have, they’re amazing, but the radial menu gets in the way at times. Having the ability to hotkey 3-4 important emotes (of our choice) would help a great deal in allowing for smoother conversations in-game.

Not only that, but people that want to make cinematic videos have to record with a very stiff character, or ruin the entire thing and have the radial menu pop up over the scene. Being able to just hit a button to perform your favorite emotes would help so much!


That would a nice feature. I wonder how easily someone could throw together a proof-of-concept mod for this idea?


Honestly, I would be happy with a command-line shortcut that was just like,

setkey F8 “wave”, setkey F7 “bow” etc

GUI isn’t even necessary, just the ability to lock an emote to a button.


I really like this idea, but I also very much love the idea of more keybindings in general such as binding food and water and things not in your hot bar to keys in order to save that valuable hot bar space.

And speaking of the hot bar, I’d really love to see additional slots in the hot bar (9, 0, -, =) and additional hot bars accessible by holding [Shift] and the corresponding number key so that I can have hot bars for building or different combat builds, etc. This is not a new idea, I know, as it is pretty commonplace in MMORPGs and RPGs and so on.

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I may be wrong, but I think the reason emotes are not set up for hotkeys is because of the way emotes were abused in Age of Conan. When you can quickly spam emotes, they can become something completely different. If you played AoC, you probably know what I’m talking about.

I didn’t play AoC - but just applying a cooldown between emote usage would prevent any abuse of it. I mean it’s hard enough to get out of the emotes, you are permanently sitting half of the time and have to pull out a weapon to stop it.

Yeah, but this isn’t an mmorpg where you would have 100 people standing still at the trader that can be bothered by this, if someone is being an idiot with emotes just kill them and destroy their bed.

I think this should be added, as i’ve wanted to have certain emotes on my numpad for ages.

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I’m just going to double down on this post. We really need to be able to bind emotes to keys, the radial menu is so clunky.

The game is wonderful, but this is painful to deal with when you’re mid conversation in roleplay.

yes, keybinding for emotes needs to happen. how cool would it be to use a program like voiceattack and have emotes trigger on certain words. you could emote effortlessly in conversation.

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As Much as I would love that option till (and IF) we get it here is a tip for you:
You can type into the chat the emote’s name in brackets for a quick access.

like (bear hug) or (kiss) or (taunt) or (snake dance) or (point)

you just need to check it from that emote’s wheel.
You can even make them into a full sentence. like

Hello Budy (bow)

for a local greet. Very fun stuff I love it. :smiley:

Edit: If it happens you have a programmable (scriptable) keyboard or a software for it. you can set up your own hotkeys with that.