Some suggestions

  1. Please add a sprint toggle key. It would be very nice to be able to autorun or follow someone while you afk for a minute and not make them have to move slow. We have been putting objects on the sprint key. Surely there must be a better way :smiley:

  2. Please add a mouse pan key that is not a toggle. Basically, a key you can hold down to enable free camera rotation that doesn’t automatically turn camera 180 degrees when you use it, and once you let it go you have the option of it snapping back to normal view instantly, or setting a key to snap back to normal view. Current implementation of vanity camera feels quite a bit clunky.

  3. Please consider bringing back weapon damage to buildings, or at least buffing it to something sensible. It’s pretty silly to not be able to knock down a simple wooden door with a legendary weapon.

  4. PvP incentives are kind of missing. It’s not really that fun to grief people just because you can. Perhaps consider introducing a new point/ability system, some kind of small bonuses you can specialize into with points you get from killing people. Of course scale it according to level etc. - you shouldn’t get any points for killing a level 1 as a level 60 etc. Having some kind of progression should help keep people interested in PvP long term.

  5. Please add the option to disable certain keybindings while typing in chat, can’t bind push to talk to any letter or number for example because when you go to type something it will activate PTT.

  6. While I understand why the quickbar can’t be giant to force players to make choices, but perhaps add at least 2 more slots?

  7. PC Loot all (F) can’t be re-bound (I’m sure there are a lot of posts on this already)

For #7, you can.

Check out "\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\Input.ini

InventoryShortcut0 = Loot All and Drop while the menu is open.
QuickLootNavTakeAll = Take all while looking at a container.

For #1, I made my own auto-sprint key using AutoHotKey. If I press F4, it sprints forward until I cancel it.

Oh nice, thanks!

No problem. Enjoy!

Addition on 2: What I mean is not simply a modified vanity camera, but an actual mouse pan tool I could comfortably use in combat, that doesn’t remove the UI and doesn’t force me to look directly behind first, when I just want to look to the side quickly for example.

I don’t think I understand 2. If I want to quickly look left, I simply move the mouse to aim the camera left.
We already have free camera rotation.