What content do you most want to see on the Official Wiki?

Hey there Exiles!

Just prior to launch, I volunteered to be the main editor for the Official Wiki on Gamepedia, as it was obvious to me that it needed a LOT of work doing.

(I would link the wiki but it’s not possible to post links)

Since then I’ve worked with several others - updating the wiki with new info, removing outdated articles, and designing templates. It’s many, many hours of work in the past few weeks.

I’d love your input though on what YOU would like to see most on the official wiki!

  1. What would you like to see on the Front Page?
  2. Would you like more focus on guides or correct data/reference pages?
  3. Which areas of the wiki do you currently find most useful?
  4. Which areas of the wiki do you currently find least useful?

I created a Trello board to track tasks and progress which is publicly visible.


Correct data/ reference pages would be most helpful. There is very little of either out there that is up to date. Guides I would list as second. Most people just want to know exactly what something does or its stats or how to make it. Without the correct stats and uses for items, guides almost become irrelevant due to us not knowing why something works.

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The following are fully up-to-date on the wiki (mostly extracted from game files):

  • All items.
  • All recipes.
  • All locations.

Something like 4,000 pages updated since launch. :slight_smile:

Personally I think the gap that’s missing is providing information on the best way to obtain or use certain items/resources.

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There are lot of guides “out there” already, so I think focus should be on things that are lacking “out there” For example, the consumables/food, although it has an extensive list on the wiki, its missing a lot of info for the units listed…

Thats the point - info is scattered around, just because some information is “out there somewhere” does not mean Wiki shouldnt have it. Wiki should have all the official server info like: named thrall places, lorestones. accurate and up to date mat requirements for craft, little bit of lore, building sizes (gate dimensions, wheel dimensions, map room dimensions) accurate weapon and armor stats, food effects, food recipes, alchemy recipes and their effects, tattoo effects, loot tables from mobs

what about info on the dungeons (how do they work, where are chests and recipes located, how to beat bosses, loot on them etc), or rare recipes (cooking and brewing etc) and rare thralls locations? there are youtubes and maps, but does the wiki cover them?

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Current focus/priority in updating, not what wiki should have or have not.

The most useful aspects to the wiki, for me, have been resource costs for crafting. Knowing exactly how much of what resources has been a huge assist for planning out projects.

The wiki is most useful, IMO, as a reference guide. Something to say, “Where is this recipe found, and how much does it cost to build?”. One thing that I find lacking is that we don’t know where recipes are found. We’re shown what recipes a certain feat gives, but for special cooking feats, I don’t remember the location of that feat being listed.

Being a wiki means keeping to a standard of non-bias. So I feel that guides would be unsuited to the wiki. People make YouTube videos for guides, like the stuff JustHorse has been doing. The wiki is best used for number-crunching and just raw data.

I’d like to see on the front page:

  • Link to Point of Interest Map
  • Link to Obelisk Location Map
  • Link to Emote Location Map
  • Link to Special Recipe Location Map

etc. etc.

I’ve been very impressed by the rate that updated information has been poured into the wiki. Thank you personally. The wiki has certainly improved my enjoyment of the game. I’ve added a few points here or there to some articles, and intend to contribute more in the future.

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A detailed breakdown of Thrall racial benefits. For example what kind of benefits do you get from a nordheimer blacksmith compared to another race.

Right now its just trial and error for me. I capture one, break it, then put it on the blacksmith only to find that it makes a weapon I dont need. Looking for the exceptional spear thrall.

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Yes, that would be very useful indeed!


This wiki were talking about?

@Kalqulate Yes, absolutely. Notice the Official Wiki icon :wink:

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Resources Areas would be nice, though for that we would need a hardcore Explorer.


rare thralls locations
Link to Point of Interest Map
Link to Obelisk Location Map
Link to Emote Location Map
Link to Special Recipe Location Map
Resources Areas would be nice, though for that we would need a hardcore Explorer.

@HunterX Right now, Source on pages explains where to find a resource.

We will have something more extensive possibly in the future.

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