Wiki for this game is so uncomplete

most of the info on the wiki has nothing or out of date info, where do you guys go to find out stuff? ive been doing so much trial and error and it would be nice to look at things before hand

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Same boat as you. But the wiki is being updated bit by bit every day.

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i like it in fact. It makes you to find out your self… Every game we play nowadays has 100% walkthrough online. Wiki or youtube… it does not matter… How it is survival game if you everything from some web site… like Ark… It is boring. Just go outside and explore!


going outside and exploring is good for somethings, but not everything, some stuff is just cryptic and annoying and i just want to know what im doing so i dont waste a day doing the wrong thing, i only get a few hours a day i can really sit down and play.

same for me. That is why i play at private RP server where can i find some other players and have a chat with them but at the same time “live” without fear of offline raiding or kill on sight bulls**t… I dont rush with my base, exploration or bother my self with tutorials and guides. I go for what i like and try it out and enjoying related experience

Which wiki are you refering to?
I use

Wikis are created and edited by regular people, who do it for free, out of the goodness of their hearts. It’s not a thing that the development company does. It’s also meant to be edited by people like yourself, since it is a wiki after all, so if you find there’s missing or incorrect information on there, you might want to (after first learning how to properly do just that unless it’s already a familiar thing to you) go edit it and add said information yourself.

Or, you can wait for other people to get around to it, as a lot of them probably have school, work, life and other things, and would most likely also want to be playing rather than writing up stuff in the wiki.

However, the wiki wizards, who you can find on the Discord server, have been doing an amazing job, so next time you’re on the Discord, go say hi on the wiki channel and thank them for their efforts!


i know how wikis work, i wasnt bashing them. i was just saying what i said, no hidden subtext. and im sure it will get better in time, but as of right now its pretty bare bones

I am super thankfull for it :slight_smile: I’ve used it a few times, and it have helped me.
Can’t wait to see it grow!

yeah, wiki for games has pros and cons. I think Conan is a great game to just explore and run into things. I try very hard not to look stuff up. I do look up recipes from time to time…but many other things, it’s best to find by exploring.

Searching for named NPCs, and locations of things in the world is like changing your settings to god mode. Just don’t get the same satisfaction.

Now don’t get me wrong, wiki for games (pro) is GREAT when you just can not advance in the game without some help…Conan, it’s not really needed IMO. (again, except for recipes IMO)

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