So why is the Wiki such a mess?

The Wiki is a mess. A lot of things are outdated and sometimes there’s no pages available at all.
Why is it like this? Where do people get their info for the pages anyway?

And most of all is there something the fanbase can do to fix it?

The Wiki is entirely fan-driven and updated, so yes. The fanbase not only can but has to do “something” if they feel the Wiki is incomplete. Feel free to contribute your sparetime, just like others do.


Of course! The wiki is taken care of solely by the community, and any wisdom you can share is always greatly appreciated. There is also a dedicated core of wiki editors who work tirelessly on the wiki who delve into the game finding whatever they can who could always use some more help. I’d advise stopping by the unofficial, also fan run community discord server if you wanted to work with others on the wiki


Since cough we have a wiki channel cough, it’d help keep in touch on anyone’s contributions.

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The time has come for me to ask an awkward question, a little farther down. You have in the past requested that I join the wiki and help with its content.

First, a functional question: on the Official Wiki I see other Content Creators’ videos as reference materials, and wonder if there’s a safeguard in place to prevent the downing of such items in the event of a Youtube outage, change of mind or loss of channel.

The question: can you explain to me how I go about contributing?

Convenient Situation: I have found myself on the Armors section from time to time, and noticed some of the icons are missing from one of the Epic armor sets.

Will you do a fellow Asuran a solid and explain how I would go about submitting content to fill in these missing 5 armor icons? I have no account, and would probably prefer not to have to create one at Gamepedia.


I’m one of the admins of the conan exiles wiki and we have tools to patrol page edits and also to mass revert changes.

this is how wiki page edits look for me:


all the red exclamation marks are unpatrolled edits I will review and mark as patrolled or init a rollback if it is not valid or plain vandalism. most of the well known wiki editors are already on auto patrol because we know each others.

to your picture question:


that’s one of the missing icons. it’s only a red link. click on it and you will receive an upload page for this missing icon:

upload the icon and done. your new submission will added to my recent changes list with a red exclamation mark and I will review it and mark it as patrolled.

edit: and you don’t need an account to contribute


In the event of a Youtube outage, change of mind or loss of channel, the wiki can not circumvent deletion or availability of content on an external source, nor do we have the rights (or ability) to do so.
Though, for websites themselves, we can use Web Archive -as used by Wikipedia- to retain texts and sometimes images. Note, the website should have been searched on that platform beforehand.
Otherwise, a revert or rollback of contributions can be made. If the creator doesn’t want said content on the wiki, they should contact the wiki staff via the admin portal, anyhow. They retain their rights to the content, but it is in the public domain.

If you want to edit a page, click Edit source in the top menu. This will bring you to the source editor. You can always use Show Preview at the bottom of the editor to show how the page will look if you submit the edit. Afterwards, just click Submit.

You don’t need an account to contribute, but your IP will be shown and it will be less easy to keep in touch on your contributions.
Registration and login is done with Twitch.

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