Updated loot table

Is there an updated loot table of what boss or creatures drop what on the isle?

I’ve searched a bit on the wiki and found a few streamers that have showcased them, but nothing quick to reference.

Anyone have any luck?

They aren’t even full loot tables for the Exile Lands on the wiki that I’m aware of. You can access the loot tables from the dev kit, but to transition all that info to the wiki and keep it updated? That would be a seriously long project.

Wiki is purely volunteer ran, if you feel it doesn’t contain enough updated info, I strongly suggest people volunteer themselves. The Conan Exiles unofficial fan discord is the best place to coordinate with others on the wiki team.


I understand it is volunteer based for the wiki. The community has expressed such in the past.

Simply asking if there were other places info was consolidated, so no need to go full on patriot act. I understand everything takes time, effort, and isn’t easily done. Hence the, “any luck”.

Seeing as I’ve no way to access the dev kits, little alone discord - that would be great if I could/would be able to. But sadly, I do not.

I understand the game just got released from EA, so new information and consolidation of that information is still in the works - it wouldn’t have killed you to have been less adamant and just said a simple no, and pointed to the discord. So information will have to wait then as I’ve no access to discord like mentioned.

Thank you anyways.

Edit: Spoiled, I didn’t need to meet your passive hostility with my own. So I left the only important part unspoiled.

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