Looking for specific loot. Are there any Siptah drop tables?


I’m curious if anywhere has a list of where things drop, from what bosses and if theres any difference, from what vaults. Theres a handful of weapons that I’m really interested in getting ahold of, but theres preciously little information about any of it. I’m going to assume thats because Siptah’s not officially released yet, but I’d still like to find some specific things like Rip and Tear (or any chakram to try it out) or that offhand axe that uses durability.

I factually know that some of the vault bosses drop things too, so my worry is that it could be a specific boss drop, not just vault RNG.

Nothing complete as far as I know. That information is still being compiled for Siptah, since it’s still new and going through a lot of changes that could render any information obsolete shortly after it’s found. Generally speaking though, you can check Official Conan Exiles Wiki once someone figures out where the item you want drops from and adds it to it’s respective page.

Yeah I’ve been looking at the wiki, and I’ve found it… unfortunately useless for the most part for what I need. I did suspect that it’s because IoS was going through a lot of changes though. But I’m still surprised that theres so preciously little information about it. Like, even what many of the legendaries do, other than that they exist, is absent.

Wiki is volunteer ran. If you feel information is lacking, help contribute to it.

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Like Multigun said, it’s all volunteer work. It was probably a big job just getting the initial pages and links done for all the new stuff. Not to mention the changes that affected the base game as well.

Now that Siptah is officially launching though, people might feel a little more confident that the information they put in is going to be relatively stable and less likely to change in the near future. So I wouldn’t be surprised if more details start showing up on individual items soon. Probably not all at once, but as people discover things like where certain items commonly drop or they take time to document any unusual effect an item has.

The Serpentes Chakram is crafted from a recipe learned in the Serpentman vaults. There is another chakram, Brittle Edge which I’ve found dropped from a three skull ghoul in the ruins of X’Chotl. The ghoul is pretty weak (doable at level 30 or so) and drops a variety of daggers including Knaves Knives, War Sickles and duel wielded axes which I can’t locate. His most common drop is Giant’s Fingerbone.

Found the axes – Hunger Blades.

I know the dual axes your talking about, hungering blades i think. I got them from the dog boss towards the north of the ruins. It also drops Diseased Knives, and at least 1 other thing but I forgot what it was.

Good info about the other drops though! I havnt spent much time over there (my base is currently located on the other side of the map), and I only went up there to get Diseased Knives, which everyone was ranting about… Though I find they really suck for anything other than cheesing.

When I get home I’ll go up there and check it out though. I did plan on farming the area hoping for some T4 crafters, so i’ll add the bosses as something to do while I’m waiting for respawns.

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