Help with Siptah Tablet of Power

Hello Siptarians

Does anyone know where to get a Tablet of Power feat on Siptah?

Or how to get it?

(Please don’t suggest server transfer, I am wanting to obtain it on Siptah)

I get RNG issues with chances and percentages, I just want to know where to go.


I gotten one in a vault boss chest. So keep diving vault I guess.
I dive mainly wolfman and goblinoid vault on that server.

Ok thanks I’ll keep spending time in the vaults

Vaults or combining schematic fragments.

I am pretty sure these are a common drop from Silent Legion figures at the pools of the grey ones as well.

Oh really? Ok great tip thank you! That might yield better results than trawling time consuming vaults for one single chest. I like the odds on Black Knights.


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