Mindwipe and fragment of power

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Do you lose all the fragments of power with their provided feat points?

If you’re talking about resetting your feat points then no, any points you have you will keep, even if they were extra ones provided by fragments or tablets of power.

I have no idea if this still happens, but I have read some players have lost unique feats that you normally wouldn’t lose when resetting their feats. Recipes you learn from items in the world that is. Again not sure if that bug still happens though as I’ve never run into it myself.


Okay good to know because farming frags is slow and do need to adjust occasionally.

i had it happen to me on siptah shortly after they added in the new bigger crafting stations… so i ate a lot of tablet of power got up to over 1600 extra feat points to get the delving armors and all the crafting stations… used a lotus potion and lost all my feat points to a bug… so now i don’t use lotus potions to restat… i use only the beastry potions to do so … i am not gonna loose my feat points again to a bug… many say it didn’t happen to them but i am one of few can say it did


Are you on Siptah or the Exiled Lands? If on Siptah then the best way to farm frags I’ve found is the Pools, run around collect a bunch of trophies and farm Pools. Shaggai always seem to give me a lot.

If on Exiled Lands then pretty much just unnamed city. I usually start with skeleton serpent man boss then work my way east to the other skelly boi bosses and then hit the bat, then red mother (cause I still need that stupid torch) and then by that time usually skelly snake is back up. I skip the wight and the hammer skeleton boss cause you gotta climb and both are annoying to fight compared to the others IMO.

Siptah would you be able to provide me the location of these ‘pools’ as I am unfamiliar with them.

Pools of the Grey Ones are the large building structures in the middle of the SE island, each of those circles on the map is a pool and you use the statues to summon the correlating enemy, and they often drop fragments and some other goodies.

Neat! But I like my statue collection LOL. I will once I have two of all statues as I am enjoying collecting them all :grin:

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