Fragments of power on siptah

Why Fragments of power on siptah only give 1 point when consumed and on exiles gives 10 points to feats?,
is it a bugg or they changed it on both?

I’m getting 10 points on Siptah. Sounds like a bug.


I’m getting 10 points, no bugs

I get 10 points from fragments of power on both maps. Are you using mods?

No, on official server, I was getting the fragments from bosses in the temple on the east of the map, where the executioner is.

There was a bug making feat points disappear. Did that get fixed? If not, maybe that’s what you’re seeing.

I loged in today and yesterday I had 6 points, I wanted to unblock an armour, needed 18 points, looked at my inventory and now I have 1 point, 5 disapeared…¿?

Yeah, that sounds like the bug I was talking about. Although, disappeared isn’t quite the right word. It looks like the points that vanished are just considered spent even though you didn’t actually spend them. If you take one of the reset potions, you get them all back. At least until the bug makes them go away again.

One of the many unpredictable joys of an early access title. :wink:

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Someone told me that if you have unspent ( fragment consumption only ) points and you die, you have a small chance of losing some of those unspent points. I haven’t confirmed this myself, but it sounds an awful lot like what happens if you die with consumed sigils.

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