Did the hotfix remove feat points from fragment of power?

I’m not sure if todays fix removed the feat points earned from using fragment of power, but I can definitely not get all the feat I had before, it is far from, am I missing something?

EDIT: I accidentally wrote skill instead of feat, sorry for the typo :smile:

Hey there,

Fragments of power grant feat points and no skill points. We’ve reset all stat points.

Sorry it was a typo and I have edited it, I meant feat points - Not sure but it seems like I have less than before the hotfix.

Ah, my mistake. In that case, yes. All stats have been reset to balance out any unfair advantages people who used this exploit gained.
Apologies for the frustration.

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I noticed after this patch whenever you die with attributes points used it will reset after dieing … new bug @Ignasi

Hey @skuba

Are you playing in an official server? Otherwise, are you using any mods?

Yes in official 1313, and no we cant use mods on this official

Thanks for the clarification Ignasis :slight_smile:

I have an extra question, is it considered an exploit to eat a fragment of power to gain 10 extra feat points?

Because you can still do it, and I don’t really want to grind +100 hours to get back all the feat points I lost if it is considered an exploit and there will be a 2nd cleaning round to get possible feat exploits .

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Hey @Frillen

No, that’s one of the intended uses of the fragments of power. There was an exploit which would allow people to gain more points than intended using other ways, which is what we addressed.
Apologies again for the loss of legit progression, we try not to take such drastic measures as hard as we can.

have you tried dying again? after i died for the first time after the patch, my attributes indeed reset again but they did not reset after my next 3 deaths while trying to reproduce the issue. i even tried different ways of dying :smiley:

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