My feats keep resetting

every logout/death… is it just me? started after the patch today

I haven’t died yet since the patch hit, but logged out and in multiple times. No reset here, aside from the initial one right after the patch.

If it’s just me I guess I’m screwed

Or you could look at it like you’re a GOD!!! You can change your stats anytime. lol

Same thing on my end. Attributes resetting on every death. Extremely annoying.

After I set my crafting skills and did some building, my feats saved. No idea if that fixed it or what, but working now :slight_smile:

A side effect of their fix of the all attributes to 50 exploit I presume.

Have you tried using a Yellow Lotus Potion to reset and then kill yourself to see if that stops the cycle?

This has been happening to me and a couple players on our private server as well.

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