Siptah Vault Feats

So I finished 3 Vaults so far and got a few feats for Insgnia, and Trophies… they all say they’re crafted at Artisan Worktable… but they’re not in the Artisan Table crafting list.

Server I play on uses the following mods.
Hosav’s UI (it’s just a UI, it doesn’t chant anything else)
Fashionist (gives you appearance slots for armor and warpaints… nothing to do with crafting)
Pippi (server admin functionalities, again shouldn’t interact with crafting)

I experienced this as well. It seems to come and go as I made all the insignias (while they showed available) and now again they’ve disappeared from the list of craftables again along with the statues

Mine showed up after I logged out and logged back in later.

If you die or server restarts they will gone of your artisan table crafting list. The only way to return them is to learn them again on the vaults or to reset ur feats with yellow lotus \ midnight alchemist potion

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I’vew been up and downb this island, I’ve found no Feat scroll/learner for the Library of Esoteric Artifacts? Buit there are things in game that actually require items you can craft out of it, like the Gravedigger. Maybe it could be learned as a recipe from the Leyshrines, like the Delving Bench is?

Possible Spoiler below:

You can learn those feats inside thecenter tower, exchanging for fragments of power

How do you get fragments of power now?

I’m not sure, but you can go to the New Luxur, and kill all the bosses. It seems they drop fragments of power. The undead bosses may drop fragments of power.

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