Official Siptah Server - Most Crafting Recipes gone from benches

Level 60, been there for a while.
Official Siptah server.

Logged in this morning, noticed most of the crafting recipes are gone from my benches.
For example, I was trying to craft shaped wood, and it is not on either crafting bench. I still have both the Carpenter and Advanced carpenter feats, I can still craft both benches form my inventory.
No one else on my server has that problem.

I logged out, logged back in.
Did a full reboot.
Verified game files using Steam.
Did a full reboot again.

No change.

Did you reset your feats with a yellow lotus potion for example? Have you applied any filter in your crafting menu such as show weapons only? Post a screenshot. You can break the link -> imgur .com

Was the crafting filters. I have never used them before, so I didn’t even think about them. Thanks!


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