Tablet of Power Clarification

Hello Siptarians

On the topic of finding a tablet of power recipe…

It was suggested to farm Silent Legion figurines at the pool of the Grey Ones to obtain the recipe. But, I wanted to clarify for everyone that after testing this I can state that the Silent Legion drop ACTUAL tablets of power that grant feat points, but not the recipe to make tablets of power yourself.

So, can anyone offer advice on how they obtained the recipe?


The only hope is to dive vault and hope it spawn or gather 5 schematic fragment and pray to get it. Speaking schematic fragment, why not have the ability to dismantle unwanted recipe to get it that way as well.


Oooh that’s a cool idea, dismantling unwanted recipes!!

Had not thought of that!

Can’t tell you how many “Specialist Cooking X” recipes I have now! (For some reason).

I’m now carrying them around on my travels on Siptah and dropping them as random gifts for passing gamers…lol

Like confetti…!


That’s a really great idea! One of the biggest complaints most players have about things like the Tower on Siptah and the Library of Esoteric Artifacts on EL is the combination of RNG and no protection from duplicate recipes. If those recipes could be scrapped into schematic fragments (even if we only got one each time), that would feel much better as it means the attempt wasn’t totally wasted.


Loving this idea!

Funcom please read this!!


Yeah we took a left turn from my original post sorry

Oh it can be picked up… depends on how gregarious funcom is feeling today

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That is actually last week’s patch. See here: PC Update 2.5 (19.08.2021) - The QoL and Bugfixing update! Server Transfers! - #8 by Mayra which was posted 6 days ago. Someone made a cut and paste of last week’s patch I think.

Well it probably has a bearer pack worth of sticks in it for good measure. I’m always scared of hotfixes below 10MB anyway…

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I was trying to farm that in the summoning pools and then I just realized after about 15 figurines that I had more than enough power fragments that I don’t need the 60/5 deal that the tablet of power offers. I just at the frags raw and did all the feats that way

Yeah the previous patch didn’t actually fix it though

Right, the patch this time fixes it from what I can tell.

@BrutusWhiteFang Im being deadly serious here mate. Please turn that into a suggestion in a standalone thread, its a great idea! I mean it, I eill support it.


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