Tablet of Power, Confused

In order to be able to learn how to make them, I know you need five fragments of power. What I am unclear on is, do you have to learn a feat in order to make the tablet? I looked up the Wiki and it is not clear at all. I guess I understand it wrong but it seems to say that you just handcraft them. If there is a feat before you can do that, where is it? There is no tablet of power in my handcraft menu.

Ah jeez, the Wiki does indeed say you need a feat that you learn in the archives, so I apologize for this.

Yes, use 1 fragment at the library to learn feats, wait until you get lucky enough to get the tablet of power feat and then you use that feat to combine 5 fragments into 1 tablet which gets you an extra 10 points over just using 5 fragments.


Thank you, that confirms it, I just realized the Wiki WAS clear, it is just me not paying attention. (got back into this game after a month, got rusty haha)

No problem! Glad I could help.

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