Official Wiki - Changes, June 2019: German translation, Pets are now on the map and more!

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Changes from June 2019
New translations

:books: Deutsch (German):

New features

  • The Map page now displays Pets on the wiki map if you wish to see it.

New pages

New: List of altars
A navigation section

New categories

New talk pages

Overhaul: Individual DLC pages
Moved extended information on Downloadable Content to their own pages.

Work in progress

  • Adding and updating all thralls and NPCs from the June 25 / 26 update.
  • Unmarked locations
  • Trying to find those Easter eggs (viewing at your own risk!)
  • Reminder for MannedTooth: Polski (Polish), Italiano (Italian) need adding on the main page description and Deutsch needs adding in the css (RecentChanges)

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Thanks for what you do @TheLOLxd2


Added a section New features: Testerle did fully introduce Pets on the Map page :smiley:

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