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We put a fresh layer of coating on this one, updated it with all the recent information and we’ll be making some texts cleaner looking on the go for even quicker navigation. Thanks to all testers so far (Jimbo, Archivist, Robtheswede, AJSlam)

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Still wonder about those mounts, once it cant be, once it can be, i feel like its RNG

Have you looked at them through the List of upcoming features (‘General’ subsection) or searched the page via the search bar yet? You should (have) read on it. It’s very hard to say when exactly or which creatures are going to be mounts for example.

I loocked at it, at list of upcoming features

About mounts, it was many times said that it cant be done because of loading /at consoles/
Iam just wonder if/when it comes, as many guys here

Btw, thank you for your work on wiki, it helped me many times so i just want thank you

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If you didn’t click through to Mounts itself (section of Pet), you can get there through either of the above methods. A kind of ‘when’ is mentioned on there, but I expect there won’t be any new details until they’re (mostly) done with the core features.

Thank you for your appreciation :heart:

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