So everyone forgotten about the cut content?

i guess everyone just kicked conan exiles to the curve and forgotten about the cut content… that you know… would of made the game more enjoyable…

would like mounts and sorcery…

we all know there is a DLC coming on june, and we all know it won’t have either of those two things… so WTF is the hold up?

chances are we’ll get sorcery. Mounts wont be a thing on the current map because of rendering issues. It’s not that Funcom wants to screw you out of mounts, it’s that the game renders game chunks in too big a fashion to support them at reasonable speeds. This is why you experience more rubberbanding when sprinting.

Also, there’s evidence we will get animal taming for pets, and we know the purge and thrall stuff will get worked on because they are currently buggy and not functioning as intended.

Maybe you missed the hundreds of bugs but I’m pretty sure a lot of us would like to see those fixed before receiving any new content. I know I would. But that’s not going to happen… So what’s the point of my response? I’ll let you know when I find out.


I concur. As much as I really want them to finish up sorcery, I would much rather have them fix all the glitches regarding building, such as stability issues with support beams and chests/stations disappearing if they’re placed on triangular foundations/tiles. That’s the kind of stuff that makes me want to stop playing, so even if sorcery was added, having my bases crumble and items disappear thanks to bugs would still make me want to quit.

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I have my own gripes, but I have to give Funcom a pass here. They’ve been very communicative here on the forums with the players. It’s not like they just decided not to do anything.

Considering they chose to release an unfinished game that they knew was riddled with bugs, including broken core systems, I can’t conceive of any reason they should be given a pass.

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Thanks Mashmellow. I owe you one.

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the mounts don’t need to go at 100 mph character sprinting is fine on them, i don’t see that as an issue, sorcery would be nice too mostly needed for things… but they rather “Pretend” to look for someone… than to actually FIND someone…

they tried doing mounts at sprint speed, and said it looked dumb. I’m inclined to believe that because animals don’t travel at human speeds. Imagine a horse at a gallop going as fast as the fat kid trying to run the track back in jr. high school.

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