Devs, you deserve a break

I’ve only been through a small portion of the devkit and will not disclose any of it here, but I am in awe of the tremendous effort that went into this upcoming patch/DLC.

/tip hat, team




You said a Mek-Kamoses-sized mouthful there, Jim. Well put.

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Care to share what you found? Either on your post or in a PM? I am super curious.

I agree. Although I enjoy reading a message that congratulates developers, I do not see the point of saying that publicly without explanation!


Isnt everything you found currently on testlive minus the dlc stuff?

I watched both streams regarding upcoming DLC (dungeon reveal and DLC itself). I dont want to blame FUNCOM for no reason, but they are kinda late with 3rd DLC and I havent seen anything that can be qualified as a “tremendous effort”.

P.S. I do think hyping (and you post clearly does that) is bad for CE and for industry as a whole.

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Couldn’t agree more

Adding mounts was thought to be technically impossible.
That they never gave up trying on this is enough to win back my respect.
It sets a golden precedence for sorcery. Where once I consigned Conan Exiles to be a lost cause in august, now it seems they’ve never given up.

And maybe adding golden bikinis might have won over my disposition too. But that’s more of a specifically Halcyon thing :slight_smile:

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I cant wait till mounts come out and you are literally going the same speed as you would if you are running (maybe without the stamina) and all you get up in arms about it… Then tell me about the amount of coding they did :rofl:

They previously said in a video long ago mounts cant happen because the world doesn’t load fast enough. So mounts that go the speed you run sounds about right.

You were already proven wrong before you even made this comment. Horses were demoed at Twitchcon.

A lot.

Correct, that was then. There’s been a lot of optimizations since February of 2018.


Your funny bud…

Tell me what type of “optimizations” have they done? Because everyone I know stopped playing this game because “optimizations” have not improved in 2 years.

Indeed! And according to players feedbacks the mounts would go about 2 or 2.5 times faster than our characters.

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2.5x running… i just dont see this happening. Buildings on my server struggle to load as I walk to them.

That’s precisely where optimisation occurs. Increase map chunks to allow ground load at higher speed, it means loading larger parts around you. But keep in mind that map chunks concerns only the ground. Buildings and placeables have their own loading constraints, defined by the developpers, which will be surely increased since we could bump a base before it appears lol.

But in my opinion the problem was mainly on consoles. If you have a good machine you can try in admin to increase your speed. Personally even if I multiply it by 10 I do not fall under the ground, the chunks are loaded fast enough so that I stay on the ground constantly.

To increase the size of the chunks is to give more rest to the PC to load the next chunk, and so on … So that’s probably what they had to do to fix the problem.

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You’ve yet to answer my question there Jimbo. Could you please either Pm me with the info you found in the next patch OR post all the changes you found on the thread you created? ( On here)

Speed stat is an actual upgradeable stat on ARK. Before CE was even born, you had Wyverns that could fly at roughly 350 Km/H. So fast, you’d notice you hit a player-build structure only when the wyvern started rubberbanding like nuts, because the building and it’s colliders haven’t loaded yet, but the server force-corrected the anomaly.

Crazy speeds isn’t mutually exclusive to optimization.

Non the less, Funcom proved they are pretty damn serious about optimization considering bases load a whole lot more quicker than they used to.

Frankly all that needs to load before anything else are the colliders, before a horse hits it.

I think the optimizations they will put will be up to scratch.

What i’m more worried about is how some rocks or plants will stall the horse. That is infinitely annoying.

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There are pinned threads about patches and upcoming changes you can go look up yourself.

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