Capture baby dragon and fly it on the map


I’m happy with the new update of the game, I finally felt that there was a real addition to the gameplay, be it in combat (finally and continue to invoke it) and with the addition of the power fragment.
But I always read the criticisms of the game and I notice that the more the request is mount, I think the game could go further and really get people’s attention, and bring back players who abandoned the game.
You should include in the PET system the possibility of capturing baby dragons or dragon eggs, this PET dragon would give the player the ability to fly on the giant map and it is very annoying to move around.
There is no doubt that all players would come back to see this new mechanic, and the gain in gameplay would be incredible.
Of course I wanted to fly in a giant dragon, like the boss, but I would even fly into a “baby” dragon since I could fly the map would be an incredible experience and would end the ARK’s call that today is the only survival with that addition which shows itself more and more popular with the public.

I WANT TO FLY ON THE DRAGON! and if possible even put skins in it even if it is DLC.

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Hey there,

There’s limitations and the designers’ choices. If you have read these posts, you should also have read them more recently and have tried to pick out the most useful comments.

  1. Limitations - An example: mounts would glitch out if running as fast or faster (forgot which) than the player. This has been thoroughly discussed, but except from a recent conceptual mod noone has gotten a workaround.

  2. Designers’ choices - Point is, this is not Ark. Flying mounts don’t fit Conan (at least not directly) and players argue it would break the way the game is set up. Generally, the developers have put mounts aside.

On a sidenote, I have not been able to update the wiki with @Multigun’s notes of the dev streams which had the most important statements and what not.

Anyways, if you want to know more, please read further into more recent threads on this topic. (I would not like another uproar for something which has been pulled out with valid arguments)


I would love to be able to have a baby dragon as a pet but NOT fly on it, that would not fit into conan that well.

its faster than the players, and a fix as been proposed but most likely not seen / ignored by the developers. All they need to really do is lower the speed of the mounts, they dont need to be ‘super sonic’ (compared to players this is) only slightly faster… the issue is that they are TO fast…

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TheLOLxd2 said: “Mounts would glitch out if running as fast or faster (forgot which) than the player.”

Who in the right minds who ever do something like that? I don’t remember games playing that way. I will respect the Mods and the Admins on not discussing it. However, I already know what those discussions were about and I 100% roll my eyes on it as it’s completely ridiculous and I smh.

Anyways, I too like the idea of dragon pets.

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It has not been ignored, they tested it, and the takeaway is that it looks stupid (and I agree). Mounts are not needed in this game, and I for one am glad that the idea appears to be dead and buried. Flying mounts has (thankfully) been vetoed from day one, even when they were still exploring the idea of ground-based mounts. It would totally ruin the game, and trivialize the importance of strategic locations if one could just zip around the map on a flying mount.


Only one other tiny issue with this idea that nobody seems to have directly mentioned, although @zousug has hinted at it with their post, the Dragons in Conan do NOT fly, hell, most of them don’t even breathe fire, they’re not your traditional Dragons.

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Very true. While “flying mounts” do exist in a few (or at least one) of the original stories by Howard, it’s not a dragon, it’s some sort of demon-bat thingy (probably very like the ones in-game but bigger). King Conan uses it to get back to his city - or is it army - just in time to prevent some calamity or other (been too long since I read it).

Thinks horses are stupid in this game. LMAO!

Horses running at the same speed as a human? Yes, that does indeed look stupid.


Just throwing in: What about Vistrix (AoC)?

Vistrix is a demon in the guise of a dragon and, as far as I know, is not based on Robert E. Howard’s works. In his stories (specifically, Red Nails) a “dragon” is a quadripedal reptilian creature, more like an aggressive dinosaur than a modern fantasy dragon.

@Mikey is referring to the bat-like creature summoned by Pelias in the Scarlet Citadel which Conan uses after escaping said citadel to reach his army and beat back the enemies threatening his kingdom.

He’s also referring to the fact that a horse animated as running but moving at the speed of a running human would either look as if’s moving in slow motion (no Baywatch horses, please!) or would gallop quickly and still move slowly. In both cases, the effect is really unrealistic and immersion-breaking.

The only way mounts could be used in the game wold be as a form of instantaneous fast-travel, but with the obelisks already existing it would appear that Funcom doesn’t want us to move around too quickly, too freely. Considering the strong PVP aspect of game design, I understand why logistics needs to be a challenge.


i never heard about that but that is ok, im glad mounts are not coming in… do hope they add more pets (I.e the elephant… not to ride but a war elephant would be cool).

I do agree, mounts are not needed as its so easy to travel around the map as it is…

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Flying, fire-breathing creatures like Vistrix are often called “Dragons” (Mystic Dragons). In my opinion, these are also equal to “Demons”. The dragons (except the undead one) in CE are much more like an animal (Real World Link: Comodo Dragons).

But I’m not very familiar with R. E. Howard’s lore, so what? :man_shrugging:

No you misunderstand my point. I wasn’t speaking of that. Yes they can run faster than a human.
You don’t want them zipping across the landscape glitching your character and the horse out. TheLOLxd2 was talking about that “the mounts would glitch out fast or faster than the player.”

Now pay close attention to what I’m about to say. “When the horse glitches out during running” as to what TheLOLxd2 said, well you would want to look at the coding WHILE playing the game. Watch right when they start glitching and pay attention to the change in coding. I don’t if Funcom mentioned this or if they even knew. As soon as a Coder would see that, then you would want to get to the root of the problem in the coding and neutralize it.

I want to respond so badly, but i will take the talking to a wall approach on this one from here on out.

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I wanted to keep it short, as this has been discussed many many times, but I’d still like to expand on my previous explanation to clarify some things.

From Multigun’s stream summary:

There are no current plans to introduce mounts in any shape or form at this point. Funcom did work on mounts for several months back during the EA period. As is well documented, there were several technical hurdles that couldn’t be overcome. Funcom did do some testing to see if they could add mounts to the game (in one shape or form) since the EA period, but that’s as far as any of that progress has gone on that.

Jens also made it clear that it is his strong opinion, based on where they are sitting today, that mounts will not be added to Conan Exiles at all.

Furthermore, notes which were and are already on the wiki (outdated):

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask, but there’s not much more information available than this. If you could link the proposed solution for mounts, it’d be appreciated. (I might know of it) But as the developers have put their focus elsewhere, they will not jump ship straight away. If this is a valid solution, it could be discussed somewhere in the future, but this is unlikely, refering back to Jens’ opinion.

Then I truly feel sorry for Funcom then. Professional programmers who can’t figure crap out. Never in my life I have ever seen or read about this. Smh

Development is hard, you just don’t see this from the outside. There’s plenty of games which have promised something (before) EA and have moved on to something else, because they simply couldn’t do it, afford it or it no longer fit in their game etc.

The engine also has its limits. Take the map and read about it here:
Note these kind of issues start way before the map’s border, more than half is probbably unrelated to the boundaries. They may contribute to mounts running of the map.



You want to know what the sole problem is? Not the engine itself. It’s the preset map with mesh that everyone’s using that came with UE4. You can bring your own 3d mesh landscape like most of them do.

Mounts can be added to Unreal Engine 4 because someone has already created them and are selling the plug in for $94.

Now they mentioned in an article something about “data chunks,” well that seems to be a problem.

Take for example: The Elder Scrolls, they would use their own 3d mesh landscape and imported it into their game and create Navmesh for “navigation over mesh.” I understand what Bethesda is doing here because I’m also a 3d modeler and did modding for Skyrim. I know UE4 isn’t the Creation Kit and may have different coding BUT there are work around’s.

Funcom can always provide a map update without affecting the game’s 64 Gb data. The update would just be a “map replacement” and keep the map looking identical. Each landscape mesh wouldn’t have tons of programming added to them. Maybe a medium amount but not a crap ton.

If they do it fine. If not, no big deal anymore. I do however always believe in sequels and different engines to use.

Cool. I just talked to Krysez (the mod owner) and it’s not that much of a problem for them neither, except from being a bit glitchy sometimes. However, he reminded me of another aspect: Consoles couldn’t handle it.

This is true for a lot of already existing issues partially, so I do try to word it at times, such as here: PS4 VS PC Versions of Conan Exiles

Do you play pc, console or both btw? :slight_smile:

Edit: Oh yea…the glitchyness was also a rendering issue (and consoles are terrible at rendering, I do hope the parity patch fixes some of it.) - from Blue (DevKit dev):

the issue with mounts is that the level doesn’t load in quickly enough to actually speed up the player

(I’ll try asking Krysez about that one too)

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