Okay so i have a question

Fellow exiles if you have seen my posts i have been on alot about having all creatures in conan (think of the exiled lands and the isle of siptah) to be somehow obtainable as pets or thralls i find that just killing them seems like a waste now i am not saying bosses should be tameable but maybe they can give a weaker spawn of their kind

I think that it would be a great addition to the game further as most singleplayers or ppl on servers roleplay and kinda have them create a unique army of monsters or anything i heard some ppl mind find dragons an interesting addition so what are you guys thinking?

Would you agree to having more pets in conan or disagree?

Thank you for reading exiles!


Many of the bosses do have tameable versions. Is there any in particular that you believe should be added?

Unfortunately things like the Witchqueen, Thag, and Abyssal Remnant cannot. They don’t function outside their environments. Well… Witchqueen does, but mostly like any thrall, her statues don’t unfortunately.

The only issue I have with dragons is they are quite large, and just speaking of the ‘hatchlings’. Making them smaller has some issues (which you can experience with the Pippi mod’s NPC Spawners, as they have settings for scale).

Outside of that… I think most things are covered except for vault mobs and similar.

The only way to Tame a pet is to collect it as a baby or egg and raize it even with this poor method! You cannot tame adult animals there for you cannot tame bosses too.
Your babies can become greaters so you already have bosses to follow you! Because they don’t have the skull over their head that doesn’t make them less bosses, actually they are stronger and hit harder than any boss in exile lands lvl 20 with “well trained”.
Dragons… Yes, we ask it years now :grin:.
Dogs in exile lands… Please!

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Since i have been playing siptah i really have been missing the pets and such

I was hoping the first men and fiends all those things were atleast somehow obtainable

Maelstrom creatures dont seem to be obtainable either nor the crazy forest troll giant thing i mean like atleast in the exiled lands there was a frost giant that u could obtain and even tho its looks were a bit boring after some time it was still an epic pet not overpowered but definitely a suitable giant

I just find it lacking but im pretty sure im one of the only who genuinely is disappointed by the limited pets and temporary sorcery spawns

Thank you for the response!

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Aah no i know im not saying i want a boss im just saying more creatures to be able to add to your army the only very unique addition in the isle of siptah which had me by suprise the first time i played were the tchoo tchoo which are awesome dudes and one of a kind and i was hoping more creatures would be obtainable but i am kind off disappointed especiall since the isle of siptah is such a massive open place

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I see, you want Siptah pets in Exiled Lands. Nothing wrong with that.

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Server transfers is the answer here . We expect them some time now, but yes i agree in this part, like i want dogs in exile lands, i wouldn’t mind to have some Siptah pet contents on exile lands, but dogs above all, lol

Not exactly the frost giant was an example from the exiled lands but i generally mean that i find the isle of siptah lacking pets and such

Summon enough 1skull bosses from The North and you’ll end up with a wood chest full of the horns you call a ‘yeti protector’ with.

Your camel will always love you.

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Well i will give that a shot a yeti is better then nothing!

I am confused here and i believe that @TriplefighterHD is too. In order to get yeti you need rng luck and some grind to the keystone and different hearts in hanumans grotto!

The horns are frost giants not yeti.

Are we still speak for exile lands?
On exile lands the only way that comes to my mind is Lagadara the Ymirs daughter! I don’t know how to summon one skull yeti bosses in exile lands, so if there is a way, i would love to know please!

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Pretty sure he was mistaken and meant frost giants… and referring to Ladagara as the northern one skull boss. At least that’s how I took his post.

I wasnt confused as i know hanumans grotto is the place to get em but since i still do not have much experience w the leyshrines i thought that perhaps it will just give u one

Yes thats what i meant!

If you want yetis, apes and gorilla’s on Siptah it’s again too easy just rng… again.
All you have to do is kill this lady

In this camp

And there you go…

It doesn’t always have pets, but keep visiting. This camp is super cool, it has named crafters (rare) spawn, 3 flotsam boxes and 3 very important statuettes! Silent legion, cho cho and husk!
Among other goodies Ofcurce.
Good luck :+1:t6:.

About the surges, try all of them, every tier. Each tier spawns rng different pets.
Good luck again :+1:t6:


I’m not so into that, but personal tastes apart, why not, everything added and new to the game is welcome, even more if free :slight_smile: