Hello, any chance to bring dragons to the game?

Hello, any chance to bring dragons to the game? If we find a dragon egg deep in the volcano, look after it, grow it etc. I think having a flying creature in the game can add life to the game, please review this idea.


We already have dragons…

The red mother in the un-named city and all her offspring, not to mention her green skinned cousin,

Or is it specifically, FLYING dragons you want to see?

Being able to ride a flying dragon would be awesome , I would still love to have a woolly mammoth mount.

And an undead dragon in the center of the map and two frost dragons up north. I would like to see a second green dragon…perhaps in the jungle. You have two white dragons (and you can’t mount their heads for some reason) up north, two red dragons in the city and only one green dragon in the city. Green dragons need love too.


There’s a mod that has flying dragons. The base game should not. That doesn’t fit the Conan lore. As for the trophy heads, I’d LOVE to see undead and white dragons give those. And if the OP meant “will we ever have dragon pets”, I hope not. I don’t think it would fit the lore.


Speak for yourself! I happen to understand satire perfectly, thank you very much!

I also agree with all of drachenfeles suggestions.

(especially the unicorn)

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The armor is already somewhat like that. Not sure who thought crop tops and bare skin were top tier armor but hey, I’m no barbarian.

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It would be nice to have dragon pets, more than nice.
Flying dragons so far we didn’t had, no flying mobs at all. This I believe would give reason of existence in many arrows as it comes to pve. Especially flame arrows are almost useless both pve and pvp. If we had some harpys or some small flying dragons would be cool, but I am not sure for the lore of Conan exiles if they have any reference?
Still, it is a beautiful wish and I support it :man_shrugging:.
@CiaoSama, Welcome to the forum m8 :+1:t6:

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Just my ten cents here (see what I did there) but picture a hardcore, PvP Siptah server that had one, perhaps two trainable/mountable dragons. In the lore? Nope. For everyone? Nope. A really damn interesting game, if only played a few times? Sounds it to me.

Well since dragons already exist in the game I fail to see why you would ask for them. And since dragons in the Robert E. Howard stories do not have wings and do not fly I also fail to see why that type of creature would exist in the game. :woman_shrugging:


I’m fairly sure one of REHs stories had someone riding a shadow creature that flew.

So (if I’m recalling correctly that is) a flying mount wouldn’t be totally outside the possibilities. The big issue is it was clearly magic, which isn’t very common in the setting in general.

If one person in the exiled land obtains secret and ancient knowledges and learns how to summon and control such an entity that would be conceivable to me.

My problem with it (and active magic in general) would come from everyone being able to learn such a rare skill.


Yes, this is why I’m okay with magic not being added to the game. Because it would be too common and make Conan Exiles feel more like World of Warcraft. There are other options for people who want that type of game.

Funcom has done a great job of sticking to Conan lore. I’ve recently been listening to an audio book of all the Howard Conan stories published during his lifetime. I didn’t know he never wrote a book of Conan, just novelettes published in magazines. Can’t tell you how much of a kick it was to hear them talk about things like Black Lotus and Radium Orb torches. It’s giving me a lot of appreciation for how closely the game sticks to the setting and lore. I wouldn’t want to see the base game change from that.


Well Hour of the Dragon was written as a Novel originally because it was written for a British publishing house. However that company went bankrupt before he finished writing it and the company which purchased it (and the rights to Hour of the Dragon) decided no to do anything with it thus he published it as chapters in Weird Tales. However, at that point in time (from the late 20’s to late 30’s) science fiction and fantasy was generally not commonly published in America in any form outside of pulp magazines because the publishing houses of the time did not consider these genera to be “sophisticated” enough. Hence authors like Howard, Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith and the like were really only ever published in this format.



If you climb to the top of the middle ridge of the ‘Claws’ area in Siptah…you’ll find a possibility that ties into the lore of that locality that could be a pretty cool craftable item…

I’m thinking like the guys ghost gives you the recipe to make a pair of glider wings or something of that sort.


It would be cool, since in Conan you have the ability to climb the highest peak, it would be really cool to have a glider from children of jhil wings.
Really cool :+1:t6:. I hope lore masters won’t crush me now :rofl:.

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Bat demon wings would be the more lore friendly alternative. Or a magic carpet if we go by the cartoon


Naah, I play Conan not Aladin, bat demon wings are cool enough for me :+1:t6:.

Ps. Thanks for not crushing me :rofl:.

The Developers have already addressed the “Flying Mount” issue, they said it will never happen because the map is just too small for such things. I’ll post links to the Live steam if you want, but really just look it up yourself it’s on YT

This kind of extremely rare item or skill has been tried before, it was a disaster.

It was in Star Wars Galaxies 2004, becoming a Jedi was a convoluted totally obscure grindy thing that was different for everyone. But I know a few people who managed it.

Then because of player complaints it was reworked to make becoming a Jedi easier.
And soon there were Jedi everywhere, it alienated the players who did the grind. And made Jedi so common as to be moot.

You can say they should have just kept it difficult and grindy, but people were leaving the game in frustration because of this.

Games have to be fun, you can’t have nearly unobtainable one of a kind items, because if people want it but can’t get it, they take their leisure time and game money elsewhere.

Sorry for the slight derail.


Well, we can’t fully discredit the cartoon. Star metal is from there, not the books. It’s definitely not 100% canon, but also not super outlandish to assume they could pull more from it in the future. There’s an episode where Conan builds an actual hang glider out of a magic cape/carpet


Conan the Adventurer is definitely one of the sources used for AoC/CE lore. As you said, Star Metal is from there. The Mark of Jhebbal Sag as well. Conan building a hang glider out of a magic carpet isn’t too far fetched from some of his uses of ‘magical’ items in the original REH works.

You say this, but consider that REH published his works and likely had inspirations from many fantasy tales popular around his time period. Arabian Nights was surely circulating around in the 1920s-30s much like Lord of the Rings does for us today. And it wouldn’t be so crazy to suggest that Aladdin had some inspirations from REH as well as Arabian Nights.

Hell the Slithering Shadow may have well inspired Gene Roddenberry to have food replicators in Star Trek. Its hard to discount any influences when speaking of Hyborian lore.


The whole star metal thing isn’t necessarily purely from the cartoon. Meteoric iron was used in the bronze age and earlier.

I can’t remember specifically but I think there may have been a few celtic references to weapons made from it as star metal. These obviously would have been extremely rare. EDIT: it may have been something like sky iron, though. My memory is really hazy on the subject.