Hello, any chance to bring dragons to the game?

Conan the Adventurer is definitely one of the sources used for AoC/CE lore. As you said, Star Metal is from there. The Mark of Jhebbal Sag as well. Conan building a hang glider out of a magic carpet isn’t too far fetched from some of his uses of ‘magical’ items in the original REH works.

You say this, but consider that REH published his works and likely had inspirations from many fantasy tales popular around his time period. Arabian Nights was surely circulating around in the 1920s-30s much like Lord of the Rings does for us today. And it wouldn’t be so crazy to suggest that Aladdin had some inspirations from REH as well as Arabian Nights.

Hell the Slithering Shadow may have well inspired Gene Roddenberry to have food replicators in Star Trek. Its hard to discount any influences when speaking of Hyborian lore.


The whole star metal thing isn’t necessarily purely from the cartoon. Meteoric iron was used in the bronze age and earlier.

I can’t remember specifically but I think there may have been a few celtic references to weapons made from it as star metal. These obviously would have been extremely rare. EDIT: it may have been something like sky iron, though. My memory is really hazy on the subject.

True, but it was never mentioned by REH nor was it ever depicted as glowing blue until the cartoon

my thoughts exactly

nor it looks like that in CE or has special properties that send serpent-men back to their dimension, that’s canon now?

pretty sure they borrowed name starmetal and that’s it,
it is good as any way of designing top tier crafting material, except it ended up being more abundant then steel, but that’s another story

It’s definitely not 100% canon from the same cartoon that conan refuses to become a pirate because stealing is wrong, but like I said they definitely can pull inspiration from it. How far the inspiration goes is entirely up to fc

There was a dagger found in the Tomb of King Tutankhamun

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Actually, the “mark of Jhebbal Sag” is actually from Beyond the Black River written by Robert E. Howard.

Conan turned, squatted and with his knife began scratching a curious symbol in the mold. Stooping to look at it over his shoulder, Balthus felt a crawling of the flesh along his spine, he knew not why. He felt no wind against his face, but there was a rustling of leaves above them and a weird moaning swept ghostily through the branches. Conan glanced up inscrutably, then rose and stood staring somberly down at the symbol he had drawn.

“What is it?” whispered Balthus. It looked archaic and meaningless to him. He supposed that it was his ignorance of artistry which prevented his identifying it as one of the conventional designs of some prevailing culture. But had he been the most erudite artist in the world, he would have been no nearer the solution.

“I saw it carved in the rock of a cave no human had visited for a million years,” muttered Conan, “in the uninhabited mountains beyond the Sea of Vilayet, half a world away from this spot. Later I saw a black witch-finder of Kush scratch it in the sand of a nameless river. He told me part of its meaning—it’s sacred to Jhebbal Sag and the creatures which worship him. Watch!”

So as you can see, Conan is making, and describing, the “mark of Jhebbal Sag”. Thus, it is not from the Conan the Adventurer cartoon series but from the original source material which was then used in the cartoon series.


Frankly, what would you prefer for a glider, a carpet or the demon bat wings :rofl::rofl::rofl:. I don’t say that Aladin was not cool for me “once upon of time”, yet I cannot imagine my self covered with blood of others flying on carpets :man_shrugging:. I love cartoons, but cartoons must stay cartoons, for children, without meaning at all that the child inside me is not still active :wink:.

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Ah, so then Conan should stay for children then?


You know what I mean, Aladin is Disney :wink:.

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Actually, Aladdin is from the One Thousand and One Nights, also known as the Arabian Nights. Disney just made a movie out of one of the stories based within that work. :innocent:


just made a movie, no, disney taints anything it touches

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I highly disagree. I absolutely love Alice in Wonderland.

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I can just imagine flying around on the back of a dragon and accidentally pressing the dismount button! WHOoooooooooooooopssssssSplat!


I don’t have to, I play ARK
it happens more then anyone cares to admit
I wear glider for just that

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The story for the glider is already IN the game.

There is a dead body at the mouth of the cave tunnel that goes through the ridge in the 'claws area…if you climb straight up from that body…you find alot of clues about a possible glider…

I don’t want to spoil it for anyone but if that guy had a ghost to talk to by way of some kind of sorcery then there may be a recipe to be learned … imagine thralling a ghost to make armor from lost methods …seems like there was a ghost blacksmith we prospered from.

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Flying would be fun but I want air warfare to not exist as this will cause a huge number of problems and imbalance in PvE, PvC, PvP. But if not fighting in the sky is a fact these would be a fun addition provided the size lf the dragons aren’t too massive.



First of all, please never this:

This is not lore appropriate, not what this game is about, and not what we should have.

Then, on that note, but in a different angle:

This is not a D&D game, this is not a Warhammer game, this is not a Baldur’s Gate Game (which are, if you must know, the same all of them), so no trashing the Conan Universe lore with Dumb-o-dore stuff.

It is enough to flatline a lot in games and make them all the same, and I know for a fact that I am one among hundreds, and might be among thousands, who play Conan Exiles exactly because this aint World of Warcraft. Dont want it made into one.

So no mystic dragons and definitely no “furry agenda”.