Dogs on the Exiled Lands 🐕

Please add stray dogs to the Exiled Lands which we can capture and raise in the Animal Pen and grow into faithful pets. Just as we can now with our feline counterparts. Yes, there is an iron hound on Battle Pass, an ugly mutt for the people who watched Twitch, and a Nemedian guard dog on the Balck Lotus Bazaar. But I would like to see some normal, regular dogs added to the Exiled Lands. As a cat guy my desire to have pet cats in Conan Exiles has already been realised. But as an animal lover at heart, I would like to see this wonderful possibility become a reality for our dog lovers in the community also.

Add Dogs to the Exiled Lands. :dog2:


Only ive siptha is getting all new content too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Same… not really a dog fan, but I can’t deny other people the same. I brought over some siptah dogs a while back, plus I got the ugly festive dog. I don’t see why I should be the only one with them—except for the festive dog. I like be being the only one with that fugly dog. :rofl:


I could see a merchant in Sep City selling puppies. They’re just exclusive to Siptah right now, and I honestly don’t think anyone worth listening to would argue against making them available in both maps. :+1:


I would love to have Brutus on the EL. :blush:




The reason we have cannibals in the exiled lands is well… they ate all the dogs first. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok, this one is thinking now…
And yes, non combat puppies as pets would be s grand idea…

But as we now have non combat pets…
Please please please put a pet snake in the Set religion?
We have heard at length why having pet combat snakes is a no go, but if they aren’t combat creatures, and instead, just a pet slithering around…?
With Zath there are already spiders available for taming, so that is a lower priority to this one, but the ophidian friends need a danger noodle, even if it is all hiss and no bite.


I disagree. In fact, I suggest we purge all dogs from Siptah as well.

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Siptah is a paid dlc.

The dogs in Siptah are not part of the DLC though.

You can spawn them in Exiled Lands and custom maps use them.


Exactly. The map itself is a paid DLC, and certain aspects are tied to it. However, if you are in solo or if you own your own server and have admin rights, you can spawn in so many assents from Siptah onto the Exiled Lands. Not everything that came with the update which included the DLC was pay for, there were many free aspects as well.

I see. I thought you needed siptha to be able to spawn them.
Its interesting. You can’t spawn anything from battle pass or bazar.

I got a Brutus, Aries, and one other… forgot lol :sweat_smile: my old server had a greater yakith. Rip, yakith. :face_holding_back_tears:

Oh gosh no! The cats meowing are bad enough. Knowing Funcom, it won’t be just quiet and occasionally. :persevere:

It’s likely due to the fact that they wanted to allow stuff to be available on EL at some point. It leaves the option open, hence why you could get recipe fragments and siptah recipes during chapter one.

Mean :rofl::rofl::rofl:. Love you Od :metal:.
It’s not only the Siptah “dlc” that can allow you to have a dog you know, on bazzar we had the skin of Nemedian dog that you could apply on wolf.
My dream for dogs in this game goes way back. I vision the dog as a different pet, not like the other ones and certainly not like the cats now. But i suppose this dream can wait for CE 2.
For now i would love to have a different race of dogs on exile lands than German and Belgian K9. A shepherd dog would be great.

Just remember what they did to poor old conan’s father in the old arnie movie. Filthy beasts. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hey! I resemble that remark.

Slasher from Beyond the Black River was a real Hyborian hero who earned even Conan’s respect.

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Now THAT should be implemented into the game. We already have the glass and the fish traps after all.